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  1. renegadecow

    WE/Cybergun M1A1 Thompson Submachine Gun

    Thanks. I use a metal rod as a mandrel with a vise grip holding one end of the spring and a flat piece of PVC with sized holes and a screw on the edge as a wire guide. I turn it by hand, going slowly to make sure the coils get the proper tension and negative angle so they're compressed tightly against each other. After the needed number of coils is reached I reverse is slowly to ease off tension then cut the ends. For compression springs I stretch it out by hand, sometimes using a rod or screwdriver shaft as a spacer towards the ends then temper.
  2. renegadecow

    Glock laser hop unit

    Kinda like what I did on my SAA only it really was just a .38 cartridge bore sighter. With the end cap turned just a hair from turning on, the pressure from a shot is enough to activate it. Wasn't really useful as the dot was on for just a split second. If you design yours to be a whole barrel assembly (non tilting for simplicity) you can probably cram in some circuitry for a delay to keep the dot on long enough to be easily noticeable.
  3. renegadecow

    Chiappa Firearms Rhino

    I exchanged messages with someone who bought one of those. Was told it was totally not worth it, rough machining everywhere and barely serviceable. It's just that he really, really had to get a Rhino replica being unable to buy the real thing.
  4. renegadecow

    LCT Conversion Kits, Where Did They Go?

    Or they figured they'd make more money selling parts individually? The whole kits have all but dried out but there's been a steady flow of parts at WGC and Tiger111 from what I'm seeing. You can still make most of what you'll get in a kit but have to pay a lot more.
  5. renegadecow

    LCT Conversion Kits, Where Did They Go?

    I think they stopped producing them because it sorts of admits that their internals are whack.
  6. renegadecow

    WE/Cybergun M1A1 Thompson Submachine Gun

    So I tried lowering my ROF today by making a new spring instead of cutting coils. New one on top just shorter by 3-4 coils, but made of 0.8mm wire vs 1.0mm on the original. ROF dropped to 660rpm and so did muzzle velocity to around 300fps, but I also encountered occasional light strikes and a very strange condition where it would consistently disconnect the sear in full auto making it fire in semi unless I put forward and upward pressure on the handguard while firing. I put the original spring back and it was shooting normally although the magazine valve got stuck forward. Opening the valve apparently the brass housing isn't one piece like the usual. Inside it is a separate brass ring that's press fitted which can get stuck forward causing the valve stem to stay open.
  7. renegadecow

    King Arms Colt Single Action

    Anyone got theirs yet? There's a more favorable review on reddit doing 300fps and holding gas for 60+ shots. My old Marushins will do about 24 and that's with the tank already modified to hold more liquid.
  8. renegadecow

    WE G - series accessory

    To be fair, most cameras will auto adjust volume so they'll end up sounding similar. After messing with loudeners more than any grown man would admit, I'm fairly sure these designs will make muzzle noise a lot more obnoxious.
  9. renegadecow

    Chiappa Firearms Rhino

    Chiappa says the one in the pic is .177 but a 6mm will be made available too.
  10. renegadecow

    WE TA 2015, P90 review

    There's the possibility that the sear or disconnector is beginning to conk out. I remember mine doing that until I eventually replaced it with a steel set.
  11. renegadecow

    WE TA 2015, P90 review

    That won't work. #17 is the semi auto sear and is pushed back far enough to clear the hammer in semi and full. What happens in full auto is #20 disconnector is also pushed back so it won't catch the hammer. Removing the protrusion on #24 that pushes #20 will keep it firing in semi-auto no matter how deeply you pull the trigger. But it would be easier to just add material to the selector so that semi and full limits trigger pull to the same distance and is easily reversed.
  12. If you raise the front sight as well then it shouldn't make a difference but it looks like the front post would be level with the protective ears at that point. My bad on the open vs bridged hole. Seemed bridged like a normal RSB to me at first glance but if you get it printed in metal it should hold, just don't put a very stiff spring under it I guess.
  13. renegadecow

    Chiappa Firearms Rhino

    Probably metal and from the looks of it, might be OEM by Win Gun.
  14. renegadecow

    Chiappa Firearms Rhino

    Link's to their FB post

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