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  1. Oh god, another Rebecca Black song! Get our your shotguns and hunt her down!

  2. Plan on doing any external 'upgrades' on the TM scar?
  3. I agree with what you said. The games were fun and mixed also. A very warm site with great players. My best day airsofting to date.
  4. Good review, hope to be popping down soon. Are Swindon Airsoft still on site to buy BB's etc. from?
  5. Anyone good at graphics/forum design/coding, PM me.

  6. I use the RVG on both my SCAR and MP5. No other grip is as good. So ergonomic, good looking and well worth the money!
  7. @hwagan. That is the perfect amount of magpul, not slagpulled. Just a good amount which is good on the eye.
  8. Bought a classic army b&t mp5 upper reciever from them, good service. They have good amounts of stock too.
  9. Horsem4n, that's one pimped shotgun! Very nice!!
  10. wwjkc, do AEG SCAR's fit those magpul grips and/or that selector switch?
  11. Got a magpul RVG on the way in black. In the near future, I will be buying some MAG tan midcaps for it, small tan PEQ box, tan rail ladder covers and maybe a madbull/g&p soundpig flashider.
  12. Haha, nice pics, looking cool. Shame about Portugal's rule on bright colours, on guns.
  13. ^ Nice Sa80, nice and plain, the grenade launcher will look nice on it.
  14. Ordered a fair few times off them, some of the cheapest prices in the UK, very good shop!
  15. As per rob15. Delivered means sent out. I ordered a army of two mask off them which came nicely packaged, no damage at all, very quick and very good price. definitely recommend them, and recently ordered from them again. great!
  16. Fair review. I own the warrior PLB belt and its one awesome piece of kit
  17. Glad this seems better than the v.1, also if you want better trigger response, better rof and want the battery to last longer, buy one of these: http://eagle6.co.uk/shop/eagle6-quick-change-lipo-for-the-aep-7-4v-500mah.html currently out of stock, but mail him and he can get you in one
  18. The cyma glock is ok, although much pricier the TM is quite a bit better. Nethertheless aep's just aren't as good as GBB's
  19. They look ok, but i'd rather pay the price for the ESS Ice.
  20. Too many chest rigs with un-necessary pouches Mines just reasonably priced and cheerful with all necessary pouches i all use. There is some nice looking rigs here though!
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