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I would have agreed if you said that one or maybe two years ago, but nowadays it's definitely in use on deployment.


I guess that goes to show that most of the PJ pictures that can be found on MilitaryPhotos or even on the Pararescue.com site are lagging behind a bit - but this is actually good news for me. Now I don't have to replace the stock on my M4 :D

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I might. i'll have to look on my other flashdrive.


CZ, if your dead set on Green gear, I'd either get a Smoke Green Paraclete HPC or maybe a Woodland RACK. I think I've seem pics of those before. but still, your best bet is MJK or some CB gear.


Siygess, how is the BHI Harness? For my kit i want one since they are cheap, but are they comfy and do they feel alright on the important areas?

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Yeah, like I said before, it seems as though OD gear over DCU or tan flightsuits is most common during training ops and older pictures (just to put a number on it, lets say 2000 .. 2002). OD over woodland is, I dare say, more common but even then it tends to be CB or Khaki over woodland. But honestly, an OD RRV is going to cover up most of the tan PACA anyway and I'm sure it's going to look pretty awesome. I figure.. if you can't replicate a load out exactly, there's nothing wrong with doing the next best thing and replicating it in spirit.. as long as you make it look good ;)


As for the BHI harness, I got the TRH (it's the more expensive - and secure looking - of the two harnesses BHI offer). It's one size fits all and pretty comfortable without being constricting in a place where, well, you don't want to get constricted! Apart from the price, the other thing that persuaded me to try it over something like a Black Diamond harness was the fact that the leg loops were on the inside of the leg so in theory wouldn't interfere with the straps from my safariland. In practise it hasn't quite worked out like that but I'm happy enough with it.

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I think PJ got some of those kits also though.

Maybe PJs could have some on the field, but they really enjoy their liberty on gear choice, I don't think it will be issued.

(and CIACS are more bulky than their actual choices (HPC/chest rigs/I think even RAV are less bulky/and other stuffs) so it's hard to think it will be used)

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How does this sound for a PJ rifle?


- M4A1

- Old style (non-LE) retractible stock

- rubber stock pad


- KAC vert grip

- Aimpoint w/ mount (wilcox mount kosher?)

- ARMS low-pro BUIS


- barrel mounted M203 long

- surefire light w/ rail mount mount (not sure which model surefire yet)

- Krylon spray job.


It will also be used for my generic US SF loadout. As far as time frame I'm thinking around 2003ish.


- CapaciousZepher

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a PAQ-4 or VTAL-2 could be a nice PJ touch instead of PEQ

Whilst I agree that a PEQ-4 or VTAL-2 would be a nice touch, and an unusual addition to a weapon; there are photos of PEQ-2 being run. I'm actually thinking of going down the same route as CapaciousZepher and rebuilding my TM M4, utilising a PEQ-2 to house my battery (as the weapon will double for both my PJ and SF impressions).

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