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Glock Picture Thread

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Desert.Express: beautiful! For some reason the pictures aren't loading up for the 19 though but I'd imagine it is just as good looking as the 17


It is, but although being both very realistic, they have not the same "kind of realism".


The G17 is just perfect, very nice to see, just like a real one but it's lightweight.


The G19 has not 100% RS trades, it's not as perfect as the G17, but is heavy and has some minor sign of use, which make it similar to a real issued one.

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Very nice. How does the stark hold up to the rs in terms of build quality.

The stark has a little rougher grip than the 42.  I don't have a RS G17 Gen 4 so I don't know if the grip texture is the same as in the 42


That mold line outline around the thumb imprint :o


I have seen it one some real ones but more often than not it is not there...

Yea I notice that mold line on some photos on RS Gen 4 G17's.  Maybe someone who has a RS G17 gen 4 can chime in if theirs has a mold line.

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I'm in a bit of a pickle...between keeping my KSC Glock19 up for sale or just plain keeping it for myself. Only problem though, if I keep it, I really want a threaded barrel for it. Does ANYONE know where I might still be able to pick up a threaded barrel or if it would be possible to just have the barrel it has now threaded internally so I can put an adapter and then suppressor on it.


I figure if I'm keeping it, my goal is to go threaded barrel, RMR site, and then surefire light and that's it.


G&G G19 barrel or even better if you can find a G&G slide and barrel kit, that is IMHO the best *suitcase* for KSC/KWA glock 19 ever.

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Bit off topic but I'm wondering recently...


(Yes it's a Glock and no it's not mine :( )


Sandpaper grip WITHOUT the paper part! :P

Any idea how to?



Okay I did some quick search and it seems like:


1. Reshape as needed

2. Mask un-needed areas and apply epoxy like brush paint

3. Fairy dust silicon carbide and tap away excess

4. Remove mask when epoxy is half-set

5. Add more SiC to exposing epoxy / adjust "bleeding" epoxy with wet hand

6. Let epoxy dry and set and done



Figuring what kind of epoxy to use and what grit of the sand to use ( well I guess it's same grit # as sandpaper )

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What slide is that for the ksc g19. Those trades are weird. But the rest looks ok.


It's a Boomarms custom steel kit, apart from the trades the finish is gorgeous and it's quite heavy.

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Squad I love that glock, is that a guarder frame they used for the SAI stippled frame? Also DJ that Guarder/KJW G23 looks very nice indeed,

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Hey Icolater,


Yes Guarder US frame for Marui, not much of a choice at the moment otherwise.


The tolerances are a tiny bit off on Guarder frames, so usually Prime kits will work better on stock Marui frames.


I think GunsMod kits were the only brand that allowed for that, maybe Detonator too,

otherwise you may have to slightly file the rear hammer-mechanism rails,

sometimes if people use a stock gun that's rails are well worn or maybe filed already to fit a previous make of slide,

there may be no fitment issues.


All part of the fun of the game ;-)

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I need to build one of them Squad! Beautiful.


All Glocks are Beautiful ;)


Personally I'm not a great lover of kits designed just for Marui G18s,

but Prime will be releasing a separate blowback housing/nozzle in the coming months for G17 owners.


The Prime Ludus kits are sold-out at factory level,

but the Prime ZEV G17 (for Marui G18) kit should be available soon.

They will be available in Japan first though, distributed by Enten.


The Prime SAI P226 MK25 should also be available in the next 1-2 weeks ;)

Edited by Squad 701

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