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CADPAT Picture Thread

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but i was wondering why you have them on... are those real military pictures, not airsoft?

that would explain it



I believe they are..



And on the SA80A2, the 'yellow thing that goes on the end' is designed to stop up to three live rounds being fired from it accidentally. I was wondering if the Canuck 'yellow thing' has the same ability.


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I'm not sure if it is C7A2...


That pic is great...he has the same stock saddle I have on my C7A2, I would love to know what type of rail's he has on the A2 handguards though. I have one that sits way to high to use for running a PEQ on. I want to run a PEQ on my C7A2 but need to figure that small issue out first. That is basically what I want my C7A2 to look like.


Thanks for that picture...it is nice to see it because it shows that aftermarket mods are done to the rifles.

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