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Aug Picture Thread

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Beat me to posting the fire selector mod there heroshark - I finally got a chance to combat test my CQ-Beastie with it's fire selector last weekend, worked a dream...

Btw, is that gun metallic green or are my eyes on the wonk?



RE: slings, I tend to switch hands a lot in CQB type environments so I've stopped using a sling on my CQB gun as they just tend to get in the way while hanging loose (though I must get a single point one to stow the gun out of the way when it's not needed).


SA80 type sling is a godsend for playing outdoors where I don't need to switch hands as often...


Of course, one reason I like AUGs so much is that they can take me dropping them, falling on them and knocking them about without undue fuss... ;)

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I don't swap hands - can't shoot a rifle left handed worth a damn. If it seems a good idea, I'll sometimes draw a sidearm with my left hand as well as my rifle, maybe sling or even discard my rifle to double-gun it with pistols. it has that extra cool-factor, after all.



Try a rifle holster combined with your single-point to prevent the rifle from flapping around when you're not using it.


EDIT: It's your eyes, mate. Sharky's gun is black.

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Indeed its black, is kind of space age though especialy with the tracers going :D .I'm the same with the swaping hands, but I do use a 2nd strap I made on my kit to secure it sometimes as needed. Get to test mine on the 29th at fao embassy, can't wait :)

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Alright, I couldn't help myself.




This is my most common setup:





With silencer:





And a "sniper" setup: (too lazy to change over mag catch, but you get the idea ;) )






There's a hole where my fake bolt should be because the stupid flimsy metal part that keeps that whole system together finally broke. Working on ordering a new one. After 7 years of use, it's a wonder it held up as long as it did.


Only upgrades I'm running are a metal feed nozzle and an M130 spring. (9.6 batt of course)

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That Imperial AUG is awesome. :)


I'm unsure why you have to keep swapping parts over, though, didn't your second stock come with all the parts?


I have a complete (I think) black stock sans gearbox if it'll be any good to you? Drop me a PM with an offer if you're interested.

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Sorry for picture quality, I used my camera phone. I just finished my carbine barrel, the barrel itself is available on evike, but the adaptor to fit it is an action silencer adapter. The silencer adapter was 1cm too long, to sit proud of the gas plug, I just hacksawed that much material off to match the existing barrel and cut a new notch for the grub screw to hold it in place. I still have to get a new flash hider as I only have an orange one at the moment.


I installed a matrix 6.03 barrel, guarder hard hop and have a new spring and airseal nozzle to try and get 400 fps for local California limits.


The gearbox on the AUG is pretty daunting looking, I am concerned about how difficult it is to install a mosfet as I have only looked at the outside of the gearbox.

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Adding captive nuts for rail mounting and adding stippled/rough panels? Thats a pretty big job tbh, youve got plenty of rails with that block of yours ,but to convert it into something similar youd first have to do away with your front ris. Then youd have to cut and lower the upper receiver and then fill in the area under the top rail

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I don't really care for the captive nuts to be sturdy/functional because, like you mentioned, I have plenty of rails and I can't imagine ever even filling the ones I have much less adding more.


I guess I should have been more clear; I'm not trying to replicate the entire gun, just the stock. Mostly I'm after the stippled panels and the fact that it takes standard AR mags as I have a billion of them.




I don't really care to replicate the receiver as I am quite happy with the receiver and rails I have now, so all I'm really after is replicating the stock.


I just love that stock because, in my opinion, it just looks so aggressive and I think it would be the bee's knees combined with the beefiness of the rails I currently have. That plus AR mags makes it perfect for me. :)

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Happy to help - that's what I'm here for. Well, me 'n' the FAQ thread... :P


EDIT: Linked from Treadhead's guide is this American bloke's prior conversion:


Sekiryu's AUG Conversion.


EDIT 2: If you want to throw money at him and wait for some free time, Docv400 could *maybe* knock up a STANAG drop-in kit. If he can make a 9mm magazine adaptor from scratch for me, I'm sure he could make a STANAG magazine adaptor for you.


(But don't tell him I told you to ask him! :waggle: )

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