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For that you can put your support hand over the trigger guard like an AFG of sorts.



But as a DMR/sniper with the bipod out you'll probably be shooting prone or supported most of the time where having the support hand on the butt stock is more comfortable.


*not an AUG obviously, but the same applies

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Saying something is "so-called" implies that it's not that, but people call it that mistakenly. Whereas I'm given to understand that "H-Bar" is the designation given to that variant by Steyr themselves (as it's short for Heavy Barrel), which would make it a perfectly valid name.

You're, of course, free to use the designations given by any Armed Force which actually USES the AUG - indeed I would encourage it - but such codes are going to be less well known outside the countries/militaries concerned.

Leaving all that aside, though, your images were good - nice clean AUG configurations. Do you find the "issue" AUG sling any use? I find it only good for carrying the rifle, rather than being any good in combat, compared to a three-point sling, such as the British Army issue one.

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