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2011 Picture Thread

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I have just spent like the last few days looking through this thread and all I can say is WOW! All of you have some extremely custom pieces. I am just starting on a build and I'll post pictures when Im done. The base is a WE 5.1, and I'll be adding WE Red grips, WE magwell, WE threaded barrel, PDI winter piston head, Nineball bucking, and a new WE slide which is supposed to be very light. Even lighter than a davidsons custom. Do any of you have any recommendations on how to make my gun very gas efficient? I dont really care about raising the FPS, so around 300 is fine. I will be using CO2 in the cold weather, and duster and green/propane in the hot weather. Should I mod my valves to make them hi-flow?


Thanks for any and all help.

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Picked up a new Hi-Capa the other day. I don't really have plans for this other than to strip it's parts and maybe practice doing some tuning on it before I re-sell it. It was just such a good deal that I couldn't turn it down (thanks Dingo).



Picture courtesy of the former owner.

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Very nice, and cost efective Limcat you have there Gouhen, I really like it clean and simple, without unnessary expenditures.

Where did you source the SD DOM Magwell? I haven't seen them in stock anywhere for a while.


Lone Bullet - virtually all the parts are interchangeable. Front and rear sights are different. The front sights are interchangeable but the rear sights are not. You'll have to do it pay attention to the lengths of the barrels. Ie. if you have a 4.3 and want a 5.1 slide - make sure you get a 5.1 outer barrel (at least)..you'll probably want a 5.1 inner barrel also, though not 100% necessary. But if you have a 5.1 and want to use a 4.3 slide you'll need a 4.3 outer barrel and inner barrel (unless you want them sticking out beyond the slide). Depending on which way you are going, make sure you get the appropriate (rear at least) sights.

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Well em.. I don't want to sound like an *ss-h0le but I ment what parts of the Hi Cappa - Extreme were compatible with a 4.3 OR a 5.1 ;)

Meaning: I'd like to get an Extreme and pimp it with a 5.1 extended frame / 4.3 compensator and some nice jewels.

Let it look a bit like a full auto USP match / 2011 baby ;)


If that WAS what you all were saying, excuse my stupidity ^^

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