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on that first pic of the gold DE, whats that huge mark on the bevertail?


i am quite and truly impressed though. just be careful, and leave it on the shelf, cause i have seen the gold plating on real DEs rub off after a god amount of use.

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that's awesome, I was going to do that with my guarder kit but the guarder outer barrel broke on the underside after about 100 shots, now it's a wall hanger in silver.


I gold plated my mp5k though, cost me about 5 RMB to do it in China. 18 karat goodness.

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My Desert Eagle. TM Hardkick, Guarder Electroplating Kit, 130% recoil springs (soon going to 170%), brand new TM Loading Muzzle and RS Hogue Desert Eagle Finger Groove Grips (unbelievably comfortable!)


Soon adding a couple more bits 170% Recoil Springs (feel like a bigger kick), 150%/170% Hammer Springs, Tight Bore Inner Barrel, Possibly a Stainless Sear but honestly I have no idea what its for.


I havnt used it much during skirmishes due to the fact its a nightmere to holster, very slow to draw even slower to re-holster. But no more!!


My Desert Eagle 'SERPA' - Made from Kydex, Araldite & some Allen Bolts, soon adding a double Desert Eagle 'SERPA' magazine speed pouch for supre quick reloading!





Showing its security -



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Yep RS Grips, easy to install need a little modification with a knife to get them to fit but otherwise easy.


Guarder kit was simple enough however it is NOT compatable with the Guarder enhanced loading muzzle, and i suggest getting a spare TM one as they can snap easily during install.

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