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Allmost done with some Postapoc game gear.   Made mostly from real junk, fitted to a hockey torso protection. Police riot protection on the legs. Voicechanger under mask with loud speaker hidden i

Just finished up this leather pancake holster for my series 70. Stitch work is pretty rough (and not a proper saddle stitch) but I'm really happy with it considering its the first leather work I've do

Whoring around pics of this set.  Love 'em.  

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Thank you very much farrasdevell.




Basically i removed the mag pouch, that was the easy part. Then i got my viper holster removed the straps and backing Velcro then simply stitched around the outside directly to the vest, it fits really snug where the mag pouch one was. its advisable to use some thick thread or go over the stitching as may times as possible otherwise the thing will just fall apart, its a lot simpler than it all sounds. ;)



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Here's some stuff I've made:


FAPC-style PC with cummerbund and pouches






MAB: Modular Assault Backpack v.1




Chest rig:








Drop-leg dump pouch:




Stock cheek riser/ pistol mag holder:




Multicam riggers belt:




I'll have more in a week or so. :)

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My faithful sewing machine.



Standard vest. Swapped out the ammo pouches and added attachment point on the shoulders.



Standard vest. Swapped out the ammo, right utility, and upper pouches. Added clips to the back and attachment points to the shoulders.



Standard smock (old picture). Replaced all pocket buttons with large taped buttons, replaced all flap buttons with small taped buttons. Added velcro closure to pen pocket. Removed eppaulets and added chest tab. Sewn in woolen cuffs. Velcro IFF patches on left and right arm. Insulated the collar for cold weather. Mandarin collar. Zippered pit vents.



Standard shirt (left). Moved pockets from inside waist to upper arm, added velcro panels.

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Excellent modifications, theres nothing better than realizing how you can make something better suited to your requirements then creating something completely original and most importantly thats YOURS! :D

I defiantly need to invest in a sewing machine though. *OUCH!*


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I run dual pistols so I started last year on my own custom rig. I think I am finished with my rig for a while. All parts of the rig are modular ...I have the bottom piece in the picture with the dump pouch and glock holsters and another bottom that is bare for a minimal rig. The top suspenders with my radio button and knife can be replaced with a bare pair of bare suspenders. The custom drop legs snap off so I don't have to have them on the rig either. Of course the belt holds all my mag pouches still. I have a holster that hooks to the back of my rig so I can carry the bazooka vertical on my back, but I need to secure it better. The bazooka holster slides over a strap sewn on the right side of the top section.







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Nicely done Cowboy.


Frakk - yes and no. You *can* do most things with your average sewing machine, but it won't be ideal. For instance, most home-use machines use plastic gears and only accept small needles. Industrial machines have steel gears, more powerful motors, and accept large needles.

So a home machine will wear out faster with heavy use.

The machine I use is actually my mom's, but it's a very high-end model. It was just sitting around, so I swiped it. :rolleyes:

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