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AK & Variants Picture Thread

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Alright, I KNOW this is news:


KWA is making an AK47 with black furniture that will be available for purchase around June.

you do realize that this is a picture forum? you know what that entitles? posts with pictures of AKs.


you must be confused, the news forum is here: Click



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What would you guys suggest for my hop-up? I need a new one, should I get a plastic or one of these metal ones this time around?:


Everything is metal, looks a bit rough. Matrix Precision Hop-up



Everything is metal, except the adjustment lever. Looks perfect. Matrix Angel Perfect Strike Hop-up





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what do you mean by trigger?


I think ACSlym means that if you look at the trigger you can see that it is an airsoft Beryl (there are a number of telltale differences between real and airsoft Aks triggers). At least I hope that's what ACSlym meant! ^_^

Hats off to you xxxFENCExxx, that is one bloomin' lovely gun! B)



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nice is that actually an airsoft version though?


Of course is airsoft. Look at safety switch - shape is wrong (AKM,AK74 style). All new parts are RS so... they are 100% accurate. :P


This is first version of mini Beryl made just after late Onyks


Also my airsoft gun - under construcion.






Late Onyks

Early Mini Beryl



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