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Our latest team patche:



Mod Edit: PG-13/Censor rules apply to pictures as well.


Sorry guys, it was not my inttention to break the rules.


It's now a bit less nasty.




If for any reason it's still not acceptd, please remove...

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Team logo - haven't got round to making any patches as yet. Would love to get some though.


I know this has been asked quite few times but can people in the know just quickly summarize what my 3 best options are for team patch orders?


(Bearing in mind that I'm in the UK, that I'm looking for embroidered patches and that I would be ordering about 10-15 of them)

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Thought I'd share mine. I play on The Worst Airsoft Team (T.W.A.T.) out of Jacksonville Florida. We chose our name and logo because we found it amusing that most of the teams around here had tough names but made up of 13 year olds. We have about 10 people on our team at any given time. Most are current active duty or prior service. We are one of the more "mature" (ie. OLD) teams around. The other patch is our group patch. North East Special Operations Group (N.E.F.S.O.G.). It is a group made up of three teams that like to travel to events. That way we have a way to field at least a squad size group of people that know each other. T.W.A.T. is a member of N.E.F.S.O.G along with CIRSC and Suicide Kings. Our unofficial insignia is the Bush Pilot Wings.



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