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I meant a zip going all the way down the torso. I didn't realise it came out like that.

Sorry, probably just me being dense, how do you mean coming 'out'?


Not to mention the fore-bearer to the modern combat shirt, the Crye G1 combat shirt. The only ones I've seen without are the Massif combat shirts, the ICE tactical FR shirt, and the 762 gear FR MC shirt, but those last two are more of a long sleeve T-shirt than anything else.

My shirt pictured there is actually the ICE Firestorm, 10" or so zip on there, though perhaps that was a recent change. To be honest I'm regretting not getting the Arc'Teryx TALOS now since it wasn't all that much more and I prefer the more conventional materials used, but oh well. At least when I eventually get to Afghan I'll know that I can bring the ICE shirt with me and have something fire resistant.

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Can I have a Green Card? Please?

I've got all the gear a man needs, a damn fine suit, waistcoat and tie xDDD -  

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What you gonna do with all that junk, all that junk inside that trunk?





Going to an Op?



Sorry, couldn't resist...


regular training with 4 members of our group.


We roll 1st lines, armored 2nd lines and buckets for CQB. 3rd lines hold all the other essentials, and the weapons are buried under all of that. Pic in the team thread shows all that gear being worn by myself and three other members of the group. Hilariously enough, 3 of us were wearing Crye combat shirts and pants, and yet none of us had the same versions of the clothes. One guy with Combat Shirt AC and G3 Combat Pants, another with Gen 1 Combat Shirt and Gen 1 Field Pants, another with Combat Shirt G3 and Gen 3 Field Pants. The other guy was just wearing his issued cammies.


That trunk is holding 2 EPCs, 1 RRV w/Backplate and a DBT Predator. 3 MICH 2000s and an Ops Core FAST. 5 rifles of various AR type, 3 ATS Warbelts, 2 Eagle A-IIIIs, 1 Eagle RAID and 1 TT 3 Day. Probably some other stuff I'm forgetting...

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Sweet. You decided to get one. The MC Fabric looks pretty nice. Cant wait to see what your gonna add to it.

I did, have to say thanks to you for that recommendation mate, it's well worth the investment. Now I can finally get myself a decent belt-mounted piece of kydex for my pistol.


Funnily enough actually I have the exact same 2 panels running under the belt as you do, though I think I'm gonna opt for a G-Code rather than RCS.

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Sordin Supreme Mil single com



1st line:

BHI Riggers belt

BHI Serpa for G17

Dump pouch


2nd line:

Mayflower APC Multicam

EI pouches

TQ + shears

Motorola GP340

Nexus PTT

Pirate patch

MS2000 strobe


3rd line:

Kelty Peregrine 1800

Frags, magazines, medical supplies and water.



AOR1 combat shirt

AOR1 combat pants

IR flags

Totenkopf patch

Mechanix original

Oakley assault boots




Doff hopup/barrel

Tac'd internals

Madbull MK18 rail

Dytac 11.5" barrel

G&P KAC silencer

Tango down grip

Magpul ASAP

Magpul MS2 sling


Eotech 553





TM Glock 17

Guarder kit

150% recoil & hammerspring

Action hammer bearing

Action loading muzzle

Magpul speed plates



Some RS, some repro.

Still waiting for a 6094A AOR1, OPS CORE fast helmet and some muscles.

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Very nice, definitely skirmish-g2g. Out of interest, how do you order your magazines with relation to the TACO on the belt? Is that your 'go to' pouch for speed reloads or just an extra bit of capacity? I've only ever run my primary pouches on my primary LBE, but I see a lot of guys just put 1 rifle mag on their belt.

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Just got these in, Propper level 4 windshirts, rip stop, coyote and foliage, very nice and stashable, great over a fleece on a windy and wet day,




Uploaded with ImageShack.us

and stuffed down, not completely though




Uploaded with ImageShack.us


on sale at USCAV http://www.uscav.com/productinfo.aspx?productid=17568&tabid=548

well worth the $$$ :)

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