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Official Photography Thread?

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Hrm, that doesn't make much sense tbh, while balance is something that is applied by the cameras processor when it makes the JPEG (along with saturation, ect ect) Working with RAW is esentially doing what the camera does (just with much more flexibility) when it creates the JPEG. The problem that you are talking about occurs when you shoot under nasty light that is far away from being daylight balanced, so you lose a bit of info when shifting the color to proper balance. This is exaggerated if you images are not well exposed in the first place.


Just read oikoik's post, and yeah, a Grey card is very handy when shooting in odd light, Just take a photo of it in the lighting you are working in, and bam! instant color reference.


I have switched to shooting RAW. But I hear if the white balance is completely off, and you adjust in RAW by alot, the noise level will be quite high.


So I just want to learn WB completely :)

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Here are some pics I took, I WILL HAVE VIDEO(S) UP SOON!


When videos are up I will post the link in this thread :]



Today was great! I got to take my moms jeep out on 2 tracks which was sooo much fun! I also got to go to a great area on the north track to take pics! Such a great day, and I am sure all you mini owners had lots more fun then me, I cant wait untill I get a mini so I can share the fun you guys had.



Here are some of the pics :)


Please view, favorite, or comment on my flickr :) Also you can view the rest of the photos!

Flickr: Chris Juliano's Photostream

















Thanks for viewing :]

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Here is the video from the event :) I wanted to get lots of the people in the videos so the club would put it up on there website :) I should of prob took more then 30 mins to edit it though ha. Its just so hard to edit videos on my comp since these HQ 1080p require such a demanding computer. This was 1.4g of file :P



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These were taken some time ago but i just found this topic ;).


Some of the first pictures taken with my D5000.


1: The ship just before we boarded. Note: not an especially fantastic picture but here you can see the entire ship ;).












4: Our sleeping facilities ;)




5: I gave the camera to a friend so i'm up on the yard here. I'm the fourth from the right.




6: The last sunset



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