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Armalite Picture Thread

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new primary in its newest configurations




day config


noveske firepig amplifier

NcStar 4x32 P4 Sniper




night config

TM Tracer Unit

Mil-Spex MF7 LED/Laser Unit

NcStar 4x32 P4 Sniper

Replica KAC Vertical Grip


Base is a TM M4A1


G&P Widowmaker MBK


G&P HK416 Stock

Madbull JP Rifles Carbine Length 7" Handguard

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That Armalite would look amazing with a large scope, for a DMR-ish look. It looks great with the suppressor and the flip up sight though.

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My* version of the IAR. Receiver's a bit light, but I'm not all that worried about it. (The desert's not all one color, anyway.)


Threw on the EOTech and irons for the picture. These will be replaced when my parts come in. (ACOG, barrel extension, etc.)






*Inspired by LWRC, but not copied directly.



What is that on top of the rail?.. sling mount?

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Mine atm:




Got a new Wilcox mount for the ol aimpoint and a new frontgrip. Both chinese obviously.


Need a front with less wobble, and more accurate rail.. Also a new stock. (Considering Element Vltor stock in OD. Still).

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QDRenegade-how about spraying it yourself to save a few bucks?


@ Everyone: thanks for the comments on the painted M4. I decided to do that after seeing some pics of real steel M4's. I wanted to my mine more realistic-SF looking. Working on some bits and bobs for my M4 CQBR Block 2-will post pics soon...

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