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AK & Variants Picture Thread

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I might be getting a cyma 74m (vfc style) second hand with a broken stock. Since its getting replaced I was wondering how I would go about putting am m4 stock tube on there? and if possible it would nice to have it foldable too!


Спасибо большое wink.gif




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I have been lurking this forum too long so i decided to open my mouth and is there a better way than to post some AK´s?

First is the AK-74 and second the AKS-74U with some advanced russian technology. The AKSU pictures are little too close mut the best i managed to take in couple minutes :)











I usually use the NSPU sight in my AK-74 because it feels better in it. So kobra or ironsights for the day and NSPU in the night.

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well the front end that i was going for was the lct 104 front set link A that you provided, would that fit at all?


sorry for the hassleing im a new AK convert :D


Oh wait a second - it's one of the new generation of TM AKs isn't it? Forgot about them for a moment.


to be honest not sure, I suspect not as LCT provides replacement barrel sets to convert the 74M to the 104 cf C


However PM on the way :)

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Nice guns Parzi, where did you get the flash light mount?



I bought it from a shop named dealextreme. It can hold any 2.75 inch flashlights or smaller by using tape or something to make it tight. Or the best way that you separate the lower part and you get one rail slot and you can mount some small weaponlights like i have the surefire scout. Just look from the gun mount & accessories section :)



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