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AK & Variants Picture Thread

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Darklite man you gotta chill, I definitely know where your coming from and agree the duty car thing gets UBER old/annoying. But not every guy who does old school soviet impressions is like that lol. Look at my aksu with wrong mag, suppressor, rail w/ foregrip and such and then look at my afghan kit. There's a time and place for everything. But I do find it annoying when people literally speak like they ARE a propaganda poster... that *suitcase* totally gets on my nerves, not even soviet soldiers talked like that

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I made a discovery some time ago. You can take your G&G RK03/04 bolt and with some force twist of the little gas piston and with some drilling to open up the opening and jam a real full length AK piston. Like real AK piston installation you drill a hole through the bolt and put a screw through to hold the piston in place. Also you can put a real gas tube on there but takes a bit of cutting on one end and doesn't quite line up with the lower hand guard retainer. Though I must say, if you can go G&G bolt with the gas piston mod, do it. The rack is just simply amazing and louder than that tiny clank with the TM/VFC style bolts. Since the gas piston is also hitting metal inside the gas block, it's natural that it would sound louder and much sexier. Also I must note that the way the lever is on the G&G, it doesn't really hold anything in place with the modded gas tube, though some tape stuck in there to help make a pressure fit works great.


I love my G&G. I've done so many things to her. She's a naughty dirty girl.



Also on the Duty Car talk. While I do like speaking in a most progressive manner to both confuse and confound our Imperialist NATO aggressionist enemies. I do have to say it's over done and gets annoying real fast. Everyone has there tastes, and as bad as they may be (in your opinion), you can't do anything about it so why get all worked up over it?

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frantically masturbating into a crusty Telnyashka and moaning "SOVIET PROGRESSIVE STATE PARTY VAN HURRRGH" whilst rubbing their nipples with their khaki RD54 magpouches.


dont knock it 'till you've tried it :P


seriously though, i used to be a major AK 'purist', now i honestly dont give a *suitcase*. in fact, should i actively get back into airsoft my first build will probably be a magpul'd AK105.

the red alliance attitude really doesnt need to be bought over to arnies. i was a member there for a good while, and looking back i can safely say that it has by far the highest concentration of elitist, intolerant, keyboard-warrior bellends i have ever seen on the internet.

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Drill holes through the receiver extension (measure the diameter of the stock screw and use whatever drill bit you have that is slightly larger) in the top and bottom. My camera went nuts and I lost the in progress pictures, but all I did was;


File a flat into the threads where the hole will be so the drill bit will not slip around in the threads as you start the drill (would not need to do this if you use a drill press and have the receiver extension clamped down, I used a hand drill and would not recommend it if you have access to a press)


Drill a pilot hole (1/16)


Use pilot hole as a guide to drill full size hole (iirc 5/32)


countersink bottom hole




The receiver extension is surprisingly solid with the bottom screw tightened. I still need to shim the inside and the gap between the main tang and receiver extension to take some stress off of it though.






The gas tube I had to use to fit the plastic handguard still needs some more fitting (the original gas tube is one piece unlike the old CYMA gas tubes, much easier to work with, but they are not interchangeable without modification. The fake gas piston also catches slightly in the old style CYMA tube but it will move freely with a little force). Overall I like how she looks. I might try to make a replica of the black plastic RPK74 handguards if I have time. When I'm done I'll be able to quickly swap between furniture sets as no modifications to the receiver or barrel were made.


Also, stock opinions? I'm thinking a CTR for this one since it's what I want on my RS saiga and I'll be able to swap it around when I get the VLTOR tube for that..

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That looks pretty cool, what brand is that and what does the rear end of the reciver look like when the m4stock is not there?

I tryed this on one of my Inokatsu AKM´s yesterday and it could not fit right on without modding it.

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His gun is a Rebranded Cyma RPK-74 from ECHO1.

Heres mine but CYMA version.






RPK-74 & SVD




Cyma RPK-74

-random hicap

-RS PK-AV sight

-Random sling


Realsword SVD

11,1volt lipo

RS Belourussian 4-8x42 POSP

RS Sling





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I think its quite good, but it fits better for guns like the TM EBB series which have folding stocks and storages the battery in the handguard, making impossible to mount an ultimak rail, so the rail lets the user mount a low profile optic.


Other option is just screwing a G36 rail in the handguard ourselves

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Evike's page has a picture of it mounted:



Looks to replace the rear sight of a full-size AK.


eww. why couldnt they just copy the iron dot? it's just a standard leaf sight with a rail screwed to the underside, simple and it looks AWESOME

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