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Have switched to a BHI .223 chest rig instead of the 4-pocket chicom (couldn't resist the call of more mags :P).


Would black PT type body armour be unheard of in 01-02? Don't really fancy the heartache and empty wallet required for SPEAR armour.

SPEAR would be better, either in woodland or preferably desert; however there is the odd pic of black armour being worn so you could possibly go with that. That said though, there are a lot of pics in my SF Afghanistan folder showing them without armour.

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Though not in any way an impression, it's inspired by US Army SF pictures I've seen in many ways, so I figured a bunch of knowledgeable people in that field would be the best to give me some feedback.

Still missing a sling and some parts for the gun...

And I do apologize for the myspaceworthy photography, but I won't have a chance to grab proper outdoor pictures for a while.




Just received the shirt today. Will be leaving it out in the sun to fade.

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Carter: Thanks. Got the uniform combo from an AFSOC TACP if memory serves, but in general I've taken details I've liked from various photos of USSF, many of which I've seen in this thread and similar on other forums.

I'm not aware of an alibi for the 416 outside of CAG and AWG though, and certainly not a 16.5" one. The rifle is however set in stone.

If all goes as planned, I'll have more, and more importantly, better pictures to post on Sunday.



And yes, it's an IBA. Was originally looking for a black SPEAR BALCS carrier, but decided on the IBA instead when I stumbled upon it on ebay.

Better pictures of the BA:



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