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Beretta Picture Thread

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Hey hey hey, my weight class is not up for discussion!! :P I may be big and you can see my *albatross* from orbit, but I'm built for comfort, not for speed ....


I'm actually quite trim, for a drunkard ;)



Anyone know anything in particular about the Blade Cougar by the way? I've got a regular M8045 and this new one had problems even inserting the mag!! The original is probably the best GBB I've ever seen ....


With any gas in the mag it wont go in unless the gun is cocked, sometimes with any ammo its the same thing. Plus the damn thing wont feed and then it vents its gas everywhere - at HKD$1500 I'm not f**king happy about it, it seemed used when it arrived. Not scratched, but dirty <_<


Gonna send it back with a rollocking e-mail of course, but does that sound like something specific that could be fixed? Snowman, I know you're the guru here ;) I don't think lubing the living daylights out of it will fix the venting somehow ....


Edit: Terrible QC on that grammar, what-what ;)

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Evil - I'm not sure if you were asking a question earlier, but...


Excessive venting COULD be down to an issue with the position of the mag, caused by a worn or poorly finished (on a new gun) mag release. Alternatively, it could be sticking valves or slider on the mag.


Or something else altogether!



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Well after getting the OK from GnG to get Z1 to have a look at it (after I left for the skirmish, naturally) and considering the rarity of these, I am gonna have a crack at fixing it, sort-of. Loads of silicon lube everywhere and if I can check the mag release I will; can you tell me how to remove and get at the mag release on a Cougar?? I'll try and look at it seriously tonight, I've been unconscious/hammered/both all week so far so there's been no chance of anything technical ;)


You have a PM sir :)

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Thanks very much Snowman, sounds nice and easy :) Should be easier to determine how serious it is at least ...


Btw, I hadn't seen your reply yet as I just got back from a heavy weekend. If I had actually written the blog up yet there would be another shameless plug right about *here* ;)


Has anyone seen/have the new-ish KSC M9 special edition? I forget the exact name but theres a faux-engraved plate on either side of the grips.


Never had a KSC Beretta and have heard good things from sp00n and suchlike, this might be an intriguing purchase perhaps?

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