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Magpul Picture Thread

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Those Index clips are very nice! Are they legit or Ebairsoft style?



they are from EB, the tan color are awesome, but the black colored, the plastic are a bit crispy, so the will broke in 2. but for the price, if u are in the US buy from larue, and u will have some gift in the box.

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Small update on my CQB-R thingy. Fingers crossed the rain will hold off tomorrow so I can crack open the Krylon.


Also when payday comes around I think I'll get myself an element W300 light and a proper illumination kit rather than just the little side rail.

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Short barrel and adjustable stock the tan one. Then remove all accessories for classic sleek look.


Will do.. Once they are available.


Dude.... I don't think anybody in Hong Kong has more hi-end guns than you.

Do you upgrade all of your guns internally or do you just do that to your "practical" field weapons?


Care to tell us your profession? :P


There are plenty of people like me. If you're still a fanatic when u hit my age, I'm sure you'll do the same. But since you asked, I'm in finance.

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