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AK & Variants Picture Thread

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Thanks mate! I will be going for the CM040j then and... yes, RD AKs have fixed stocks, it is just a "creative license" :lol:


This will be a long term project since im leaving behind rifleman role, but those RD AKs look awesome


OK. So I looked at my Dboys AKSU and its clear that the GBB versión won't fit: the latch on the right side is way shorter than the hinge on the left side.


And, just to confirm, compare the AEG and GBB versions of this kit.






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HAY GUYS! I has AK too. Can I join?

Finnaly put my RPK together. Its a genuine Russian Molot from 1973.   I bought it as a complete gun, but due to laws i had to remove and trash the receiver, BCG and barrel.   But all the rest (70%

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Very nice, Candydad. Also digging that eunuch'd AIMS.? Again, I'm not sure if you're even talking about the same thing, but Realsword makes only Asian AKs, not Russian. And none of them were ever 5.45mm IIRC, so the whole question of bakelite mags confuses me too. But there are numerous guides on staining your mags to look like bakelite. I've done them and they look acceptable. If that's still not good enough, plenty of hardcore people buy real magazines and modify them to take G&P midcap internals. Gets costly, but if you're that demanding on appearance, there's no other way.As for weathered AKs, you'd probably like some of my older ones. AK47_0811_0024.jpg(the "wood" on this one looks way too clean, in retrospect. I should have banged it up more.)AK74_0514_0056.jpg(earlier, not very good attempt at fakelite magazine. Of course it's not quite that bright in real life.)My latest one is an ultra-clean perfectly black 2014 FSB Alfa-as-*fruitcage* AK74M, though. Feels weird not to paint it or bang it up in any way.

Lol theres sometging about modern black rifles where they look best in great condition; my ICS M4 is boxfresh i dont even like to skirmish with it. Wheras older guns esp aks just dont look right when brand new, odd in fact. Wow, I'm very impressed with all of yours; the upper beat to *suitcase* one has some awesome weathering. About the stock, I think maybe a black wash would work well with the colour, I used this to add shadow and depth to my aks74u "russian red"handguard, but i got the tech from an article about aging wood.


Oh, so real sword only produce Chinese stuff? Id still love one, an RS AKMthat is or should I say a type 56; I recently read these are numerically the most likely to be encountered in the real world.


I think Ive got a fakelite system down it not perfect by far but I think i gave up on being period perfect a long time ago. I spray them with plasti-dip orange, use acrylic black washes, thin coatsof teak colouredwood varnish myself.


Your AK74 does it for me, excellent weathering and wood colour, the scope really does give it that distinctive soviet look; its easier and cheaper to buy a mount an a modern scope, but the pso along with the weathering looks right.


Ive recently brough a dragunov with plastic furniture-Im not getting a furniture kit Im just going to spray the coat a nice woodland green (got the idea from far cry 3 of all places).

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Hey ya'll,


I'm in the process of putting together an AK. Bought the gun and most accessories. Only thing left is the stock. I'm interested in the Zenitco stock.


Problem is there's 2 versions:






Is there a difference between the two? The Asura cost more but I can't tell from any pictures or descriptions if there's any difference. Tried googling as well for an answer.


Any input appreciated.

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There are at least a few more out there. There's also the TWI (which is probably the highest-quality replica) and I think CORE/ZOT may make one as well. I had not heard of "NO13" before.


The answer of which one you should get isn't easy. What AK do you have? Fitment on these stocks can vary a lot from make to make for AEGs, and you should probably expect it to require some modification if you want to preserve your sanity.

Personally, with the ruble bottoming out, I would look into options for getting a real Zenit. At this point it might even cost less than the TWI. The problem is finding a place that will ship it outside of Russia, but I'm sure you could work with one of the usual Russian gear guys as an intermediary. But, again – it might take some modification. Also, the part has been discontinued by Zenit, so I have no idea what stock levels are like.

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Well I've finally dipped my toes into the AK pool... Quite enjoying it! Polarstar AKS74U (LCT OEM). Added a few bits and bobs to make it like this. Would've preferred to stay away from the SAW grip, but for the wider grip line I needed more space on the base plate for the bigger hole..  It'll stay like this for now till it gets a complete makeover, literally! 



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Not sure if I posted mine before (searching my own posts seemed not to help ^^)

So I apologize if this or any of those to come are reposts.


So here, as a starter, I go with a good old plain AK74M, spiced up with some goodies.


Super nice clean classic rifle. Piled on a very curious assortment of gear and camo, but I like it.







I present, Micro AKM (obviously not RS)


Overall Length 490mm folded, 680mm deployed.  
Its for those who needs to be in and out of cars/buildings, insane kick and noise and run predominantly 7.62X39mm :)


You'll burn your hand off, kid! :)


Fun build. I've certainly seen weirder/dumber looking RS guns. Fairly routinely, actually. People love to do wacky hillbilly AK builds for whatever reason.

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Oh, I guess I could post this... it's a pretty terrible photo of my FSB Alfa team AK74M in its near-final configuration. I still need to find a replacement pistol grip that I like, and someday that scout light should probably become a Klesh (for better or worse), but otherwise this is pretty much what I've settled in on.


Will take a more official photo with a real camera soon!

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Super nice clean classic rifle. Piled on a very curious assortment of gear and camo, but I like it.

Thanks! The gear is from our product line (Defender 2 MOLLE diamond, 6B23, Defender 2 MOLLE diagonal, Partizan Harness and Flora dump pouch on a VSR plash)


So let's go on with some oldschool. AKMSB



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