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Schnitzel with noodles - what made you smile today?

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From what I read it was a seperate entity that linked with your phone, would make sense as it'd be compatible across more phone. I'll wait and see but damn seeing the stuff is making me drool.


I think Xbox One for me so I can play Halo 5 too. Time to save.

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It's really simple people.   Scorch is right, the My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch! thread (although a great place to get out the stresses of the day) is very negative, let us celebrate the things that hav

Stepped out into the garden 15 minutes ago; Found out nature had used a bucket, some H20 and some cold to produce me an awesome plinking target;    

My wife and I found out she is pregnant with our first child last weekend. Obviously we are absolutely over the moon and weirdly I'm not panicking. She doesn't want to tell anyone yet until we are a l

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PHILAE IS *fruitcage* ALIVE!



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Don't buy a next-gen console.  Upgrade time is the perfect time to side-step the whole issue and get a PC.

I guarantee you Fallout 4 will work better on PC and probably on SteamOS/Linux for less money.


Ye. I had a 360, waited a bit and then when they announced the next-gen consoles (are they current-gen yet?) I was basically like '*fruitcage* this *suitcase*', time to drop a grand a new PC (I'd been putting it off for a while, but the thoroughly underwhelming announcement sealed the deal).


You don't have to spend that much either, you can demonstrably spend the same as a console and get more.

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My problem with Bethesda.


Fall out 3 and new Vegas.


I'm 50% through the game and all of a sudden it take 5-30 minutes for a loading screen to finish. The farther I am in the game the slower it gets. Game is downloaded, auto save is off. Hdd is 90% empty. I stopped playing new Vegas cause loading sucked the life put of me.


I'm on 360 and its near new for crying out lout

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I must admit on my PS3 New Vegas was a sod for taking ages to load after a couple hours of play and the further I got the larger the save file did too but never past say a few MBs.


Fallout 3 was fine but I do hope Fallout 4 is as awesome. As for upgrading meh, I might bother eventually but like with my reason for not bothering to watch new and modern films there are just so many much better classics out there that I could be burning my time on. Plus my 3DS sees about as much action due to a much smaller but more interesting games library.


As for me being happy well my improvement in sexual exploits and having the pistols I want help a bunch. Still doesn't stop me from buying more though does it :P.



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Reckon a 3.4GHz quad core AMD with 8GB DDR3 RAM would be sufficient for Fallout 4 etc if I actually put a GPU into it?


Always wanted to PC game but like consoles for the fact it puts people on a more even footing excepting internet connection.

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I've been having a little spending spree recently on airsoft stuff, and have been like a giddy child at work (my PayPal address so someone is there to sign for/wife doesn't see it all) as I've had post nearly every day hanks to random chinese/forum members shipping times :)

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So many things aren't the "done thing" at the gym I am surprised that anybody ever does anything there.


Can't leg press some guy's both leg SRM for 3 sets of 21 on each leg.

Can't stare at the boobies.

Can't shave in the steam room.

Can't *suitcase* in the jacuzzi.



That place is no *fruitcage* fun.


Got a disapproving look at the gym today.

I was on the cycle hitting it hard while watching Archer. Apparently cackling like an idiot isn't the done thing at the gym.

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