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It's been a long time since a gun stood out as much as the Kriss Vector,

it reminds me of years ago when the H&K MP5 looked so futuristic,

beginning to show my age ;)

Anyhow have one in the post - couldn't resist :)

Any recommendations on where to get clone EoTech 552/3 until I can afford a real one ???

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Recently whenever I look at the design of this, it reminds me of that whole "if you could grip a handgun right up here at the back of the slide then we would, but we can't because the slide moves".  A lot of sci-fi games/films have pistols/small SMGs similar to the VECTOR and me and my brother got to discussing the fact that nobody built a pure pistol that follows the design.


Not sure if that makes sense to anyone but if you imagine the gun without the stock, VFG, mag well or top rail; the current pistol grip and trigger in the same place with a Glock (for example) sitting where the recoil dampening system is right now.  It'd probably be possible to build a kit along those lines with some sort of trigger linkage.  Would ruin the compact nature of a handgun of course but if you wanted to use a pistol with extended mags and other accessories it'd work better than the current carbine kits that utilise the stock trigger and have the firer grip the gun's frame.  Probably not much use in airsoft though.


Interestingly, the KRISS site for the US lists the KWA version as an 'accessory'.  They've also got a carbine (mega long barrel, think PS90 but longer) and a pistol variant (no stock) of the RS to cater for different state laws.

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With a 16+ thread it's going to be difficult. Unless you make one yourself. :(


That is the thing that puzzles me. The most common thread is 14-, then 14+. Only one or two brands use 14+, the rest mainly uses 14- except on a few rare occasions. So why creating another thread dimension that will only be used by only one replica if it is not for money?


I mean, even the "new" KWA/Umarex USP Tactical are in 16 + or -, but the suppressors are all sold out and not expected to go back in stock one day. :(


Anyway, I love this gun, I almost bought one this afternoon on ehobby. But they seem to be out or something... Good thing actually. I already bought a M&P and have to be patient for the MSR. :P

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looked into one of those adapters; but is pricey for a small adapter. I mean, to convert from pounds to dollars, its ~$30, before shipping. So more likely least for me to get it state side, im looking probably b/t $40-50 for a small adapter piece. If compare to the madbull 14mm CW ->CCW i have, that cost me 15; so yeah, kind of a BIG difference in price for the same thing (yes material might be differ, but it serves the same function).


But i agree, that there needs to be more 16 ->14mm adapters to come out; or have some companies make a few 16mm suppressors, and i really want one on my Kriss

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There's a hex screw above the "V" cap you have to get out first, pop that out, then the v cap. Separate the upper receiver from the lower receiver (very difficult to thread the pressure switch through the slot if you don't) then install the light adaptor and light. It will be a tight fit, so make sure you don't press the surefire clone too far down into the well (IE flush with the adaptor) or else you'll have a hell of a time trying to get the light out once the time comes to replace the battery or whatever. The adaptor itself has another hex screw to keep the flashlight inside it captive, though I suspect this is for other flashlights because you won't need it with the provided E1B clone.


The AIM pressure pad sucks, which is a shame, basically three small buttons in a thin rubber sleeve.

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