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Tokyo Marui M870 Tactical Gas Tri-shot Shotgun- picture, text and video review

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Afternoon guys.   This morning I was very lucky to receive my brand spanking new Tokyo Marui Remington M870 Tactical, from the good folks over at Redwolf UK.   This is a text/ video review for now

Chopped the barrel and added an ATI heat shield- quite happy with the result!          

TM issues a product recall?   In other news, pigs spotted flying over Hampshire, Peter Mandelson is a force for good, David Cameron gets on his bike, Nick Clegg tells the truth and the Ministry of D

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Still at customs. :wacko: (plus today is a national holiday) I saw a video where a guy had plenty of the new white shells and he wasn't japanese, yet I haven't see the white shells at any shop yet(well the ones I usually buy from), nor the green ones. Tough Im pretty sure even the old red ones are out of stock at the moment. :unsure:


Edit: I did find some spare shells, tough I never heard of this manufacturer: http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/magazines/shell-cartridge-type/shotgun-shells/koer-shotgun-shell-for-marui-af-shotgun-6pcs.html

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So after doing a quick disassembly, There doesnt seem to be any way to make the barrel not wobble (In fact, there doesnt actually seem to be any assembly for even holding the barrel on in the first place). As in, the barrel is not even connected to the receiver at all. It makes me think that is a major weak spot, and the barrel might just snap off if hit hard enough. seems like a MAJOR flaw to me.


So, is it just mine that does this, or can someone else who got one let me know if theirs do this too? Its not a major wobble, but its enough to irritate me.

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Berserk...change your bbs and see what happens. Your bbs might not be feeding properly. If your shell only lets 5 or 4 bbs out at a time...then its not the gun.


Brigg...mine wobbles a little as well. Thanks for pointing that out...jerk. j/k! I inspected mine and I think its the materials they decided to use. Plastic flexes and looking at it...the barrel seems to be supported by plastic. Not quote a design flaw I dont think...more like a flaw in picking the materials that they used. It was starting to bug me earlier as well but I've come to accept that it'll be noticeable if you decide to notice it (same holds true for marui aeg handguards and their creakiness due to flexing plastic). It may however be more noticeable if its used with a sling and is constantly slung while running.


From the semi-limited time ive spent with mine...I found the gun to perform well enough to be used as a primary on both cqb and field play.


Now ive gotta holla at my buddy from headontactical for a shotty rig.


TM...please come out with spare 870 shot shells already. I don't want to have to buy the red ones. :(


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Not sure if this was mentioned in the thread earlier, but the 870 can be used with the older shotgun shells that were on previous TM models? (spas 12, m3, m203 spring shell)? Sorry for the silly question but my new job is taking me away from being updated with this airsoft stuff! I havent been able to order mine yet

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Tried Marui BBs, and my shotgun still has the same problem. Removed the body and took apart the switch and didn't do anything. Really don't want to open up the internal shell...

Do you have the switch set all the way to the 6rd shot? 


When you test it, do you shoot at a target and count the holes the bbs make after each shot? If you're shooting fine on the 3 round mode, then it means that you shoot bbs out of the three barrels....so it couldn't be an issue with the barrel. Its either the bbs or the loading...hmmm. How far out did you take your gun apart? Might have voided the warranty when you did that. 




On a side note, I was able to track down some Air Horn 134a replacement canisters for a good price. My TM MP7 and TM M870 is now safe for use this time of the year

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I'd rather be careful than sorry. I'd just run whatever the gas cartridge takes. Get a spare cartridge and run whatever that took. When you have a fresh tank, you don't have to worry about extra cool down. Not to mention, you're not putting more stress in the system...broken gun=paper weight. I do live in an area where it reaches up to 40C...so propane is a no go for me.


Another thing to keep in mind is that if you over-fill the tanks, liquid propellant may spew out. As much as possible, it's best to keep the hop bucking dry/dirt free. The M870 does look like it uses an expansion chamber in the gun however which should help minimize liquid propellant from spewing out of the gun.

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I took Another thing I noticed and not sure if this is Normal. When you switch modes in between shots, does the mode change on the fly or does it change the following shot? Mine changes modes on the following shot.


As far a disassembly, I took the stock off and pulled the receiver shell back far enough to remove the switches to see if anything was broken or misaligned. Saw no problems, put it back together and same issue. I know the Marui tri shot system inside and out, so I'm not too worried about working on it. Just if anything is broken that's the problem...could be as simple as a piece of plastic hiding in the cocking arms notches not allowing the feeding blades to cycle correctly. But as far as sending it back, ill be waiting forever for a replacement. And ill have to pay shipping costs. Might as well use and tinker with this one and buy another one down the line.

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Okay so fire mode changing after the following shot is normal. That's good news.


That'd what I'm also hoping, that It will just fix itself. Ill field it this Friday and if it still doesn't feed six then ill open it up. Ill be sure to take lots of pictures for reference for you guys to see the internals in depth.

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