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WE Hi Power MkIII


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Finally, and based on their latest products, they've learned that making it "right" brings in the bucks. I'm good for two of them.

I've had two of the older version for at least 10 years and they still work fine. Hard trigger, weak hop-up, poor sights and they still get used. My mags have never leaked as well.

Something to look forward to.


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1 hour ago, number47 said:

For those that have the GP35 version, can anyone tell me if real grips fit (even if they need a little work)?

It's about fudging time someone brought out a proper Hi Power, here's hoping it it's not a total pooch screw!

Now for that P7M13.........


Yes, with some Dremel work. Saftey too. I have factory Mk 3 grips on my failed Mk3 BHP project gun.

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13 hours ago, DiscoBiscuit said:

Let's just do the Bren Ten for now...a WE P7 will devalue my metal slide MGC. Though I guess I wouldn't mind one that can shoot. Maybe they can do a P7M8, which looks a little slicker. It really should be Bond's gun. 

Agreed on the Bren Ten as well. As long as it's in stainless, then I can dust off my peach colored T shirt and walk around without socks!!

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