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GHK x Umarex Glock 17


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8 hours ago, icolater said:

Looks great!! Wonder if the “metal” bits in the frame are steel. If not why bother. Also why gen 3 ?? 

It looks like the front and rear most tabs that are imbedded into the frame and actually engage the slide guide rails are carbon steel. The blocks holding the trigger and striker appear to be a different material but could be MIM steel. 

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I was at the MOA show and I fondled the GHK Glock.

I've got pics but it's the same stuff that's already available online so I won't bother uploading.  Here's a couple of points to take away:

- Magazine is light.  It can take 22kg gas and the design is similar to the prowin one.  Mag body is likely made by extrusion and not casting hence the weight.

- The slide is basically a bolt carrier group.  The nozzle's not as big as a GBBR but it's bigger than anything else available on pistols

- disassembly "just like a real glock" as in no need to pull slide all the way back before being able to slide it off the frame

- output valve in the mag is huge, looks like something you can find on a GBBR.

- proprietary everything, save for the barrel and bucking being TM Spec

- rotary dial hop up adjustment that's in line with the barrel.  I assume it uses a leaf spring to apply pressure.  I'm not a fan of that.  You need to remove the entire inner barrel assembly to adjust hop up however.

- racking the slide is smooth.  No more hammer "bump" for a BBU to ride over

fits real glock sights and I think mag catches.  Not sure whether it fits real anything else.  Rear plate on the slide isn't RS spec, so it's proprietary.

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