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Marui Mp7


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well UKASC says that marui are soon to release an Mp7, the BIG mac(m10. 45acp), the VZ61 and the TMP, all in "electric compact machinegun" wich UKASC reason to be Marui for AEP. Also on the cards are railed slides with threaded barrels for the glock and M93 AEPs, the 4 inch hicapa, M14 hicaps, AEP M92f(militery model) and USP and FINALLY AN M4A1! :D this one has a new stock, so don't worry TM m4 fans your barrel wobble and dodgy hop unit will still be Present :P .

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Indeed. Shove your full-auto USPs and 1911s up your @rse! THIS is what the AEP gearbox was invented for.


Now they just need to pull their finger out and get it made!

Indeed. Still no official mention of the L85 though...


PS:just learnt something amazing when running the spell check- it takes @rse as correct :P

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Ooo an m10 *goes off to watch "hard boiled*...


On another note i've never been interested in AEP's up to this point so i don't know too much about them; is it the battery size thats the main restraint on any significant power upgrades or is it structural weaknesses or cylinder size?


Practicality aside, mp7 and m10 are interesting but apart from that who needs an aeg tmp/ vz61 when the gbb's are so much more fun to shoot?

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I'd prefer if all compact smg's (mp7, tmp, mac's etc.) were aep, as i dont like taking my m11 into anything other than the range or speedball games, where they're over in about 30 seconds.

An aep/g is a good idea, as you've got the pro's of an aeg, without having to fork out for a full size aeg.


Edit: looking at the pics, the new m4 looks to have a new hop unit and new (im guessing reinforced) body tabs.


And the new hicapa 4.3 is looking dead sexy. A choice between that and a TK USP on release. And at around £100, its looking good.

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