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2011 Picture Thread

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check this out:

such a sweet gun. wa sv infinity 5". its hella nice, but i have no use for it, i try to use it, but i get *albatross* raped by aeg's, so im trying to trade it for an aks or m700



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Nice piccies so far guys, very nice Titleist, i take it you built that with the purpose not as a skirmish wep :)


I'll get some photos up of my Hi capa when the bits arrive from WGC :)


I have a question for u guys: are the grips molded onto the frame or do they come off? and is the lower frame all one piece?

The grips are a separate bit to the frame, so they do come off.


The lower frame is in two pieces, the major part being the right hand side. The left hand rear section is separate, and comes off so that you can gain access to the insides of the hammer mech etc

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