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SA80 Picture Thread

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This is Blasthamy! this is Madness!




THIS IS ARNNIIIESSSS!!!!!!!! *kicks sadigh into a pit of cheap 0.12 bbs ( oh the horror!) *



sorry... the made up and fictional rules of the internet placed forward by 4chan dictate that it had to be done or else someone ( you) would divide by zero!

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Thought you guys might find this picture interesting, as painted L85s (or SA85 or whatever) are scarce. Stolen from www.uktactical.com




Im quoting this picture as its mine. They are Tel and Rizzo, Ncos from my platoon. That is not paint, it is desert sniper tape dyed with coffee. And it isnt his personal weapon, he borrowed it off Dave (who also owns the taped up L96). They posed with those weapons for lairiness.


And its not an SA80, its an L85A2. The family of weapons is collectively called SA80.



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Saw one of the IWS sights on ebay not long ago, i was quite tempted as it was rather cheap at the time, is that where you got it?


Yeah, got to love ebay!


Latest Mod:



HKa2 sticker (This is completely from memory as I lost the photo I took of the RS!), vinyl sticker made using a cutter, not sure how long it will last.




I think I'm finally done with the IW :D

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no i say that because its a useless, awkward, heavy POS with no place in a modern army. Put a heavy barrel on an L85A2 and a grippod and it will do the job as well as or better than an LSW.


It's no more accurate than a rifle, does not have the capacity to suppress effectively as an LSW as well as being stupidly front heavy and hard to manouvre in tight confines.



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