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Pictures of your weapon

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They are weapons


I am Japanese by the way, so the katanas are comletely justified.




sorry if the pics are too large (I'm not sure 56k users can complain, as this is a picture thread)

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nope, but they were all made, purchased, and made love to in Japan. I then mailed them to the US.




BTW, no one heard that last bit on my "did this in Japan" list, right?


EDIT: The very top, and very bottom ones are a set.

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Made a few changes to it since yesterday.


Added the Rico alpha tac light, and LR300 folding stock.


Nice all round armalite now, good enough range for woodland, and small enough for CQB with the stock folded.


Think I need a low mount for the aimpoint instead of the cantilever one...:)


Paint colours used where....



Nato brown

Khaki drab

Small amount of tan to break it all up.

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