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My WA2000 (for anyone that hasnt seen it)


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Im not big into airsoft, i like it and all its just not my whole life. Ive got a WA GBB and a MP5 that hangs on the wall looking scary but I dont very often actually shoot them, in all honesty prolly once a year or so. So anyway I looked at buying an asahi WA2000 about a year ago but just couldnt bring myself to part with the £2k for it so I passed on this once in a life time opertunity. I was thinking about making one but dint have enough time until recently. Im pretty good with that sort of thing but the wood parts were worrying me a bit, metal im ok with. I make radio controlled monster truck chassis mainly but I was looking to have a break from that for a bit and spend a couple of months building this instead.


If anyone wants to see my truck work www.ukmonsters.co.uk


Im not going to post all the pics, I have about 200 odd on my site so if your really interested have a look here Candymans Airsoft WA2000 Build


A few stats for you:


Time to build: 222 hours

Cost of gun parts: £255

Cost of accesories: £150

Weight of gun: 6.4kg

Barrel length: 650mm


I made it entirely from pictures obtained on the web, mainly the black and white side on view I have on my site, the only dimention I had is the 905mm overall length, i scaled everything from this. Tools were quite limited, I have a pilar drill, apart from that the basics, vice, hacksaw, files, dremel, stuff like that.













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absolutely stunning work there candyman.

just loading the vid now.

how much would you sell it IF you were to make more to sell?


edit: just saw the video, what gas does it take?

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Candyman, that is awesome!


I was wondering if you know what the FPS is? or perchance, the effective range?


I think i read a topic about this project somewhere, and it was saying that if you put a longer barrel on a GBB, than the FPS increases. I was wondering whether the FPS has rised at all?

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Thank you all.


Not sure of the fps yet, it seems strong, I now have a higher flow valve to get more gas out per shot, i think this will help due to the mahoosive barrel. When i get my hands on a chrono I will let you all know.


As for building another, probably not, this was 222 hours start to finish. Even at £10 an hour + materials that £2500 ish. I didnt plan to sell it or build another really, i just wanted one!

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That is simpy amazing. Great work!


I have a question. Are you still using the GBB magazine? Or do you have a custom magazine for it? I see you machined the magwell, but there doesn't appear to be the mag for it in any of your pictures.

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