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Chinese made L96A1


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The box says "Warrior 1", and labeled the fps on the right bottom corner.




What inside the box.


The stock is plastic, quality is excellent, the frame inside is metal!


The receiver of the gun.


All metal also!


I measure it with my electronic caliber, it reads 6.08mm.


The small hole is for hop up adjustment.


the assembled gun.


The lower half of the magazine is metal also.



I don`t want to mention the fps....it is way too much!!

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A 3-9x40 scope is included in the box!! same quality as the one I am selling for $35, it comes with low mount rings, but high rings are recommended!!


with the scope attached.


Forgot to mention, the price will be around $100 usd. including the scope. good price enough??

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Hee, hee, damn you Fung! Now I have to decide between an L96, the metal M4, and the Cyma AK74 (but do I upgrade to wood furniture)? Why don't I just send you my entire PayPal balance and you keep 'em coming? Why don't I just have my entire paycheque paid into your account? Just kidding, but how am I going to explain to my wife that as a grown man I need two sniper rifles?

Cracking FPS, though, when I test-fired my new MP-001 it bounced of my back fence post and came back at me still doing 250+. I had to dive behind a garden chair for my own protection. With the L96, I could become the first man to actually manage to snipe myself from behind the trigger. Count me in.


Is the cheek-rest functional or just there for effect, and how is it fixed for attaching a bipod?

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Will it be a DE M50 clone (stock excluded) - Did I really read the DE50's a VSR clone (be good if true)?


Is that trigger really plastic, as it looks? :unsure:


Nice, though - If it was £100 I might get one...



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I looked closely inside the hop-up chamber, and it looks more like a Maruzen system other than DE system.....and the Trigger assembly, it looks like copy from Maruzen also, but the mounting (case) of the trigger assembly is plastic, it will be fine for stock spring, the quality seems to be fine also! the trigger itself is metal, and has a Glock style safety in it, and the main safety is located on the bolt.


and yes everyone, it is $100usd. minus $5 for all Arnies member. $95 for all of you.


My site will be updated tonight, and all chinese AEG will have their price reduced a little bit also!


I just got a can of OD spray and I think I will spray it next few days.


for the power......I really don`t want to mention it. It is MORE than it stated on the box.



If you want to figure out shipping cost, you can go to http://www.speedpost.com.hk


There is a shipping calculator, this gun is 5kg, you will see the amount in HKD.

divide it by 7.3 is what I charge in USD (its not 7.78 or 7.56, because I need to compensate the paypal fee, and not profit on it.)

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