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Pics of airsoft with pets/animals

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dont worry, i made sure the slide didnt close on it.

yea, the 8 footer pushed all the weights off its cage a couple of days ago. its in my room somewhere, and no, i dont think it will eat my cats.


im not too worried, it'll show up eventually :D


uh...lol an 8 foot snake is somewhere in your room, you have pet cats. lol how are you not worried? lolol.



awwww your cat is soo cute. i want a kitty kat :)


heres a very cute one :)



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lol aw so cute lol, i love all the kitty kats in here, kitties ftw!!


if most of you dont know, i realy realy like fuzzy things lol. like fur, kittens, cats, hamsters etc lol




if you guys saw this on your doorstep:




what would you do with it :)

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Well, I could take a picture of my animals with my guns. But 1 is deathly afraid of about anything (lol, every time he sees my airsoft buddies show up, with or without guns, he runs away and hides :P ) and the other I would have to go and put the gun beside her, since she never moves around (now and then she gets hyper and jumps around and stuff, but these times are short lived :P ).


My cat is skitsophrenic, so that pretty much leaves him out. Plus he's not inside.


I'll go get a fish in a bowl today and take a picture of that! :D

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well as it happends im going to try to do some ppiccies next time i go diving of comming out of the weater ith acheepy spinger mp5 (with dive sites concent





were you inebrieated while typing this up?












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My cat with RK-103. He's a bit edgy around things like cameras, balloons, vaccuum cleaners, and blenders, so it's hard to get a close in pic of him where he's sitting still.








The second pic would have been good were it not for the camera making all yellowish. Oh well.


Also, considering how specific the "plain-airsoft" threads have gotten, I suggest pets be represented in the same way. Who's up for "Pics of your friend's Russian Blue wearing Multicam CIRASs while holding HK416s with EOTechs"?

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While He never managed to sneak into any pics with my guns, he did find his way into pics of my other toys a few times before he passed.

Sorry for your loss PrimmuSucks, I've had a few go that way too.

i had a cat that looked just like that, only he was called jess, damn do i miss him so :(

i miss mine :'( his name was scout

I'd Like to take a moment of silence for all the people who have lost a friend...











:bye2: They rest in peace...




On a happier note...

I told you I would fix the takeover of cats on Arnie's!

Way to go matt FIGHT THE POWER!!!! hahahah he's cute :P


I'm so glad I have a job, a girlfriend, and other hobbies to prevent me from having to take pictures of a cat and airsoft.


I'll admit, I'm a jock, I played football in high school and college, so I'll admit that I definitely have a very American-meathead view of masculiity.  And as much as I usually don't care about what people do, or lifestyles they lead.


Dudes with cats just seem weird to me.


But...fly your freak flag and fly it high and proud.

:rofl: ROFLMFAOLOL AHAHAHAHA :rofl: YOU THINK YOUR BETTER THAN US AHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!!!!. yournot,youjustmadeanidiotoutofyourself-1,ihateyou,youranembarrassment,leavenowhopetoneverseeyouagainbye.


anyways...this thread is pure win in animal/airsoft fusion form. I'll get some pics of my kitty :wub:

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I'd Like to take a moment of silence for all the people who have lost a friend...



:bye2: They rest in peace...


... had to put my cockapoo to sleep yesterday...


... RIP, Muffin.


EDIT: Lost to cancer. 10/15/96-12/14/06

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And matt, my deepest sympathies go out to you...would you...like to say a few words?




EDIT: Not much to say, she was a wonderful dog. She was a true lapdog. She would rub up all over you, she was more than a dog to me. I loved her much.


EDIT 2: If you wish, you can donate to the cause here.

Thanks for your concern.

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