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AK & Variants Picture Thread

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Heres a real AK pic (not RS just many massacred aks :P) :P First Dboys Kalash SU, RMW AKMS, RMW AKM and Marui/Cyma AK47 and anothermarui/cyma ak and my AIMs but they didint fit the pic :P Im the one on the right fixing something XD

I was assembling my friends RMW AKM and was gonna chnage spring on the SU but didint got time that night exept putting a Guarder sling on it :P




Also Took a pic on the new Wafflemags that came w our Rsov order, they looked pretty cool on the AIMS imo but the idea was to use em on my AKM wen i get Ultimak.



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Check the pics, it costs near £1000 (without a mag) and yet it lacks any of the indentations on the receiver of the real things, also I've heard the outer barrel is a little crappy, for that kind of money I'd want something pretty damn good, not an approximation...


Ah, thanks for the explanation. Have any sources or additional info?

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is that the JG "svd" ? no offence if it isnt but what a good idea


It started off as a JG SVD, the back end is a CYMA gearbox, with ACM wood kit and receiver... :)


As for the RPK stock... If I see one going second hand I might have a look into it... :)


And for reference... Chinese AK drum mags are proper PROPER Dogger! Neiher of the two we bought worked at first! :(

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