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  1. Happy birthday greg!

  2. *Verbal abuse goes here.

  3. Oh, don't worry. You wernt invited it was jsut a general statement.


  4. We're going to disney world!

  5. Happy birthday!

    Could've sworn you already had one though?

  6. Happy birthday chris.

  7. Happy birthday *Ubar* :)

  8. Pocket monster.

  9. Happy birthday Lon!

  10. Yellow hamburger is sponge.

  11. ......

    I hope you meant oso de hormiga.... 'cause I am not as big as a *mountain >:/

    *Makes explicit "where the sun don't shine" comment


  12. Womanizer.Womanizer.Womanizer.Womanizer.Womanizer.Womanizer.Womanizer.Womanizer.Womanizer.Womanizer.Womanizer.

  13. if I feed you after midnight will you settle down or become a (bigger) germlin?

  14. Happy birthday!

    Finally got the smell out ^_^

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