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Motivational Posters 2


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Righty ho, folks. I'm sure most of the reprobates who lurk round this subforum were familiar with the Motivational Posters thread. I'm sure you're also familiar with it being deleted because people insisted on posting junk that was against the rules. So, please don't do that this time.


"But what are the rules?" If you have to ask, you need to go read them here. Please don't get this thread deleted again, cos I think it's quite funny. If we can keep everything PG-13, non-4chan (whatever the smeg that is) and FUNNY, that'd be great. :)


For those of you new to this, you go to this website and create a poster, then host it on something like Imageshack or Photobucket and post it here. Oh, let's keep the chatter down. We want 100% motivational funny. :D


Your starters for ten:












Oh, and no anime. ;)



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Seki. Please shut up. Marlowe has ok'd this thread. So unless you have a motivational poster you wish to post, go away. Thanks. :)


Edit ~ One more thing, folks: I know some of you probably have posters saved from the old thread. As long as they're not in violation of the rules, feel free to post them. One request, though: if you didn't make it originally, please give credit to the person who did. Cheers.



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Your obsession with Star wars is disturbing


also, am hoping donuts 4chan grammar based posters are allowed


Not really allowed, no - other threads have been closed down for such content, but as it's just a few pictures I've just pulled those links instead. Fingers cross it won't become a regular occurrence or this thread will sadly end up like the last one. :)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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