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A&K M249 initial impressions

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My first ever review be gentle.....




I got the chance to get hold, test fire & briefly examine the new A&K m249.


I was notified by a neighbor that this eagerly awaited gun has arrived, & he was having trouble putting the barrel back in when he decided to remove the whole barrel to put in the battery up front. So there I went & helped out.


The local seller took the pic before I arrived.




Putting the barrel back in was a pain in the *albartroth*, it wouldnt lock properly if you are alone, it needs another guy pushing it back in.


We tested & it accepted the Jing Gong M4 mag.


Once we were able to put the gun back together, we decided to chrono the beast using a F1 Chrony. It shot between 408-412 FPS.


Once back in doors, I decided to carry it around, it seems lighter than the stock CA m249 para.


Lifting the top metal feed try, I noticed that the material used is lighter compared to my CA, its possible thats its partly aluminum, this alone made the thing much lighter




I decided next to check the quick spring change feature, & to my amazement its just like the CA




The stock spring was very very long, that could be the reason why it had a high chrono reading.




That picture was to compare the spring length, however, I seemed to miss my focus with this, sorry.


All in all, I think this is a good buy if you are interested in the saw & want to skip the plastic feel of the star


More Pics





Oh the price is Php 16,500, our current exchange rate to the US dollar is PHP45.65 = USD $1

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I have people saying that it's not all steel over my end - it would explain the wieght difference between it and the CA.

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Here's another review



by yeti

Practically a CA clone, everything is copied very closely. Gearbox and hop is all metal. Externally receiver is stamped sheet metal, plus of course plastic parts like grips.

One thing that struck my curiosity is the motorized box mag has sound control switch and jack underneath it. Opening the boxmag there is a small electronic circuit board inside, which has something to do with that sound control gizmo.


Overall this is the best china made aeg I have seen

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Call me weak but I was the assistant gunner on this in real steel and prefer this over the M60E3. The real thing is about 16 pounds and add the 100 round box to get it around 20. Ever wonder why machine gunners tend to be the Meat tanks in a unit.

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For me the A&K could be a fun project gun. If it's shooting 400+fps out of the box, then a good battery to up the ROF and it's good to go. As long as it shoots decent, then it's worth it to me. If something breaks I'd replace it. It'd take a lot of things breaking before I equal the cost of the CA. Now keep in mind I'd be willing to deal with the occasional breakage as this would be a project gun for me.

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