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Pictures of your latest non-airsoft aquisitions

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Custom handmade pen costing as much as a plastic BB gun made in a factory with shoddy material? GASP!


My dad bought an M1 Garand the other day for less.


Each to his own. I have a bad habit of spending way more than I should on sunglasses and golf stuff.


So what does one DO with a bolt action pen?

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Fairly recent:




Seeing as my PC that I've had for a year was an 'emergency purchase' when my really old intel celeron system died, thought it was time to build a fairly decent rig that will last me for another decade or so :D




Armageddon! :fear2:

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Buy that man a beer :)


Yeah she's only a baby at the mo, we are just getting her used to being handled as she's very skittesh, even the pet place said she wasn't keen on being handled.


But she'll get there, and she isn't a biter which is good. She just likes to run up your sleeve / down your top, when you've got her out, and hide.


Her name is Eko to any who are interested :)






Vid as I don't know how to embed it lol:



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I've had four so far.


My last girl, Rukia, had almost exactly the same colouring as Eko, though the champagne streaks in her coat were slightly more blended with the cream - you might find that happens to Eko with age, though.


For what it's worth, none of my ratties have ever bitten anyone - even when taking food offered by hand.



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Yeah we will have had her a week tomorrow and she's not bitten either of us.


And she's taken food from our hands pretty much from day 2


The only thing close was an 'is your finger food' test that was more gentle than you'd think possible from a Rat.


Loving her already, and she's getting more and more brave by the day which is nice.


I'm a little obsessed, but then I used to reallyt want a rat when I was a kid so I'm loving owning one now.

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