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Pictures of your latest non-airsoft aquisitions

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They are gorgeous!


Helo is obviously a Dumbo, but can't really tell from the pictures if Husker is as well?


Also, does Husker have a Rex coat?


Questions aside, those are two fine-looking rats. Gz!




Yeah they are both Dumbo, Husker isn't a rex no, though I can see why you'd think he might be.


They are both now completely intergrated with Tau and are all rocking around the same cage :)


Oh and btw...the Dungeon Keeper logo as an avatar is awesome :P


2 more of Husker:






Taken just before the cage was cleaned out, hence it looking a little like a tip :P 3 boys really make a mess lol

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Wow. That has got to be the coolest thing I've seen in a while! How much did that run you?


Thanks! More that I care to admit, but it was custom built and I've pimped it significantly. Put it this way: you can get a basic engine kit for around the price of a clone AEG, but a nice vintage style bike with motor mounts and a custom tank is more like PTW money.

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My newest buy is an Ambilobe Panther Chameleon

How much work are Chameleons to care for? I've read around a lot of starter guides and exotic pet sites and they all seem to imply they will die at the slightest heat fluctuation/stressful situation/lack of sunlight/etc. Meaning they need constant monitoring, but you can't interact with them unless they get "stressed" and keel over.

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Honestly, they aren't as bad as people make them out to be. I've had them for years. As long as you have the right cage and lighting they are fine. They only things you really need to do are turn the lights on, mist them(although you can get automatic misters), and feed them. They are more pets to have and watch rather then ones to pet and hold.

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Thanks for the info, I wasn't expecting to be petting it as such but a number of places say they become unwell through stress if they're handled at all (like resting on your hand, as you did in the picture). Perhaps its being exaggerated to keep away careless owners.


Now to find a store in the UK to browse...

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