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New toys!


A couple of rough rider knives. Chinese, cheap, but the brand has a fairly decent reputation, and I had one of their folding knives which was fine. But I lost it...


Anyway, paid just over £20 for both of these, delivered from heinnie Haynes!




Will use this as a food prep knife when camping.


Full tang hunter for pennies? Don't mind if I do!




Now, I've wanted a becker BK7 for ages, but never had the funds or could justify the price. This came up on another forum second hand, so I pounced. Came dull as a spoon, but I soon sorted that :)




It's an absolute beast and I love it like my own child!


Last one, one I made. First try, and no forge, so I hacked an old meat cleaver up and had a play. It was a *badgeress*. There are several flaws, but it was a learning curve and I'm actually quite pleased.


From this




To this




As I don't have a belt grinder, bevels were cut in by hand. It was a complete twat due to trying to keep the temper. Hours of work on a stone, as a file wouldn't cut it.


Also, don't buy faithful brand files, they are *suitcase*.


Anyway, enjoy :)

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I really should photograph my knife collection one of these days. Couple 'use knives', plenty of pretty tat to show off if I ever had someone ask 'what do you do for hobby?' (Not in job interview, though, that could get me a -lot- of "bye, we won't call you".) And few knives in the middle of the line.

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Ok we're back to life! Got my first PM2; a Blade HQ special. M4 steel and translucent G-10.


Also have had a little side foray into traditional knives with some GEC beer scouts. Also had a Manix 2 XL with glow scales come in the door.


Have a Massdrop Dragonfly on the way and a GEC #85 SFO with Micarta scales.


Photos pending!









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