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More ICS Exclusive from ICS L86 announced!


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Well guys this one is pretty amazing, ICS really have listened and not only will they release the L85A2 with an intended release date of Feb. But they have just announced to me that they will also release the L86 LSW.


Not only that but the front end will be released as a seperate kit for those owning the L85 and want to switch it over to the L86.


Anyway, here she is!



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Is it too late to make sure the bipod works properly?


I had cash in my hand to buy a star and the bipod was so wrong I didn't bother.


On the real deal there is a little sliding lock to hold the legs in the stowed position (where the white thing is on the ICS picture) and when the bipod legs deploy they lock out so that you can lean your weight forward onto the bipod.

On the Star one they just fold.

You have to close the legs together before they can fold back up under the barrel on the real deal. If you want I can do a drawing of the mechanism.


Can you ask them for me, it is a big issue.

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Wow, wow and WOW! hot-swappable front end to the LSW? What? ICS never cease to amaze me - fantastic!


I guess that's quite a big kit, new foregrip, outer barrel, inner barrel, heat shield, bi-pod (nice one amateur stuntman, good advice), and new butt plate, and grip?


Awesome thanks again Far East - I look at the Arnies news page at least twice a day for these ICS developments!


Have you posted the pictures of the L85 A2 from their website? http://www.icsbb.com/eicsbb/page3.asp?bignum=8&picid=792


Personally I would like the Susat with the same internals as the real steel, with glowing tip reticle - but perhaps there can be two options; X4 magnification and no magnification. Please don't make a red dot as such as I like the Susat's reticle.


thanks ICS and Far East - I can't wait! :D




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Hey FarEast! Current models of the L85 from G&G/ARMY does not accept the SUSAT scope, however does ICS intend to to have thier carry handle removable to use a real SUSAT scope? The problem with dimensions of the reciever proved to be problem that did not allow scopes to be mounted.


And by far this will have a metal gearbox of course, however would it be the most game-friendly AEG?



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I think the scope mount was one of the things mentioned to ICS when they first asked for comment on their design a few months back. I'm pretty sure I remember reading that they've since made accomodation for different types of scope.

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hey guys !


Do anyone notice on the top of the bullpup L86, an another airsoft replica or everyone is blind ? :rolleyes:


Well, it looks like an airsoft replica of ........the IMI GALIL AR/ARM.


So if ICS is going to produce it for a reasonnable price, well i think i'm gonna try ;) !



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Just interested in the L86 at the mo!


Angry, I consider motors, gearboxes, scopes hot swappable on my M4, I'm guessing the L86 kit be a piece of cake to fit ;)


ICS - I mentioned a while ago on the L85 thread about the cocking handle - are you making it so it goes all the way back and locks like the real steel? That would be a nice touch as all the other makes only slide back half way, and to me that makes it feel like a toy!



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Hey FarEast! Current models of the L85 from G&G/ARMY does not accept the SUSAT scope, however does ICS intend to to have thier carry handle removable to use a real SUSAT scope? The problem with dimensions of the reciever proved to be problem that did not allow scopes to be mounted.

Eh? What? :unsure:


The G&G/AA rail is simply a fraction of a mm too wide to allow the Star SUSAT to fit.

All you need to do is file the edges of the rail slightly and it goes on perfectly.


On topic, I hope ICS aren't disappointed by sales of these items.

Airsofters are often (to be blunt) full of sh*t about what they will and won't buy. They flap their jaws about wanting a reliable, high-quality gun with lots of clever innovations but, when it comes right down to it, they tend to go for the cheaper option or, more likely, simply not actually BUY anything at all.

I continually read of people saying how they're definitely going to but this or that but, when it comes down to it, most airsofters can't or don't buy half the things they say they will.

If you look at a community such as Arnies there's a couple of thousand active accounts. Of these members I'd say, in all honesty, less than a hundred of us are adults who make our own spending decisions.

What's the point in 500 14 year olds raving about how cool an L86 is?

At best they're representative of a demographic who're going to ask their parents to buy them one for xmas. ICS then have to hope their parents buy the item AND hope that nothing cooler comes out between now and then, given that children can be rather fickle about what they want.


ICS missed the boat on the L85 by over a year.

IMO, their L85 doesn't need to simply be the best L85 out there. It needs to be a truly outstanding AEG in every respect. Ideally it needs to do something that will cause people to buy it and begin to use it as their number-one gun.

In my experience, EVERYBODY who owns an L85 has it as a "niche" gun. They bought one (Star, G&G, AA) simply because they liked the idea of owning an L85.

I don't think I've ever met anybody who plays with an L85 all day every day.

Because of this "niche" market for the L85, most people are probably going to be happy buying an AA gun and hoping they can sort out the faults.


For the ICS L85 to do well it's going to have to be good enough that people who don't want an L85, people who just want a damned good primary AEG, are going to buy it instead of the latest VFC, G&P or whatever else.


I hope they understand what they're doing because, as I said, much as I've seen numerous people saying they want an L86, I can see ICS selling less than a handful of these in the UK.

It's not ICS's fault, or the guns fault. The problem is simply that airsofters aren't honest about their buying intentions.


Finally, from a practical POV, what's the attraction of a support weapon that can only fire from a hicap?

It's not like it has any of the DMR advantages that the real L86 offers.

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