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M14 Picture Thread

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My two favorite things -- an AGM M14 and an OLP MM2 :D




I have a question for all of my fellow M14 owners. My AGM is incompatible with Marui magazines, reason being that the nub on the back of the mag for the mag catch to lock on to is too long. I filed the nubs on all my Marui magazines down so they would fit in the AGM (See photo below). But now this thread has got me thinking of buying a real Marui, probably the SOCOM version. Can anyone tell from the picture below (or from their knowledge of the AGM M14) if the AGM-modded mags will work in the Marui?




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luv2shoot, excellent M-14! What all went into it?


quite a bit actually ;)




TM M14 Socom DMR SD

Starting Gun:

-TM M14 Socom

External Parts:

-King Arms M14 RAS

-Leapers 4X28 scope

-Harris&Harris bipod

-Guarder bipod swivel mount

-King Arms OPS Model 3rd MBS Silencer (230mm)

-King Arms KAC rail covers

-Condora Ammo Cheek Pad

-CA CQBR Outer Barrel

-Butler Creek Scope Covers

-Beamshot 1000 laser BK


Internal Parts:

-KM 6.04 M14 full size tight bore barrel

-Prometheus Ver 7 Double Torque Gear Set

-Systema magnum motor

-Guarder Ver7 Bearing Spring Guide

-Guarder Ver7 Cylinder

-Guarder Ver7 Cylinder Head

-Guarder M14 Air Seal Nozzle

-Guarder Reinforced Cutoff Lever

-SP120 spring

-Area1000 piston head alum

-Area1000 piston polycarb

-New tappet plate



-Intellect 8.4v 3600mah battery


500+ FPS


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Sorry if this is dumb, but...


Why is it that when you guys put a RIS on your M14, you don't have a scope mount? It looks like you have two scope rings, but only the front one is attatched. Is it sturdy?


There is a RAIL on the stripper clip area. It gets removed and this new unit with the rail on it sits there. That is why it looks like there isnt one.

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Well basically the top rail on the RIS system connects to the stripper clip, on this you can mount your rear scope ring, thus getting rid of the need for a separate mount.... And anyway, th fills the notch in the stripper clip, which (if I am not mistaken) won't let you put a separate mount on even if you had wanted too....

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ive just ordered a silencer , harris bipod and RAS kit from RSOV

im going to cut down the outer barrel on the lathe and die a 14mm thread to get the silencer where i want it.



don't bother, just cut down the other end of the barrel and re-drill the mounting holes accordingly. takes 15 minutes, no lathe required!

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My Star M14 SOPMOD back from AS surgeon. Shoots finally more than 10meters as before:)



It is just one of wallhanger guns I have, so no special accessories so far. Hope for at least new and correct Peq or stick battery, cause this one is quite strange.


holy sex... that is... beautiful

what did they fix? mine is down also, and it needs desperate repair...

pm me please, and give me any details that would help. i need internals repaired so badly :(


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