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AK & Variants Picture Thread

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I was under the impression that only Kalash/Dboys AKSU-74's are the only ones that have steel receivers. The AKS-74 that I had wasn't made of steal. It was metal, but it felt too light to be steel. Unless the newer ones are made of steel, then I'm wrong.



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yeah its a RMW akms carbine. its built great and totally solid. I dont really plan on ever using it as an akmsu though. I got it to make a yugo m92


heres a pic of my full arsenal, they've all got woodies too! :D



what make is the RPK? or what make did the donor come from?


i r teh jealous! =D

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Kalash RK series receivers are stamped metal. some have zinc alloy trunnions, outer barrels, and sight blocks. the newer versions, peeps say, are all steel but i cannot personally attest to that. ;)


the recievers are steel on ALL kalash models. the new AKSU is the only one to be ENTIRELY steel (except the barrel, like VFC), all the previous models had steel recievers, top covers, selectors, muzzle breaks/flash hiders and stocks. the rest was pot metal (changed for steel on the new AKSU)

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Wow that's really a first! Interesting to say the least, I'm staring at it and can't decide what to think. In my opinion I think a different flash and some long 40 round mags would balance it out a bit more....I could be smoking crack though.


But you are one step ahead of the group in creating an RPKS74.

You would need this:



And you'll also need to find a synthetic RPK stock, or if possible the real thing but I imagine that costs some $$$.


Sorry if you have no desire to build one, it's something I've wanted to do for quite awhile now and haven't seen anybody else attempt it yet :)


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