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2011 Picture Thread

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groquik - YES ProG4 CAN make you a limcat slide with turbo comp. I know someone who just had one made. See HERE


FirFly0 - yes the Steel slide has a stronger/harder recoil and makes it more difficult to shoot - but more realistic.

If you are building specifically for airsoft practical shooting competition and you don't care much about recoil - aluminum all the way.

I built my Limited gun with a custom steel slide and aluminum frame to maximize recoil (experimentally) and it worked...but when gas is low and cools down (which happens quickly, ie 15-20 rounds), it feels pretty sluggish.


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Nova kits

My first ever 2011, Nova kit

Zombie member post...Nova Staccato XC RMR kit Never mind the mismatched branding grip....there was a dead gun that donated its parts to it....see build thread in the tech section lol

Posted Images

I actually built this gun to sell, easier than selling all little parts.


The paint is holding up really well. It's definitely a combination of prep and the paint you use.

I actually sanded the frame and degreased it.

I did not sand the slide because it's media blasted aluminum, so it's the perfect finish for painting. I degreased that as well.

The Rustoleum Professional Paint is definitely a better paint than any of the or spray paint's I've used.

The finish is much harder.

I did 3 coats with a hair dryer in between coats. Then let the parts cure for 5 days before touching them.

The reason I painted it was to try to get a uniform color to match the grip better. Plus, I hate media blasted aluminum..it's so hard to clean and gets dirty so easily.


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"Old Faithful"


WA 5" Xcelerator

SD Slide

Guarder stainless chamber and barrel

Guarder stainless hammer

Guarder upgraded recoil/hammer springs

Guarder loading nozzle

Sheriff LRB

fiber-optic front sight

lots of love!


I've had her since 2003. She has been my #1 sidearm almost the whole time, and she is still getting me some good kills.

I need to refinish her and do something with the grip.







Sorry, the pics aren't the best quality :unsure:

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It does great. With .25s I get good, flat trajectory for ~100ft at least. It is very consistent, the opposite of the stock WA hop-ups.

The sad part is there are a couple little bits inside that I know will need to be replaced soon, but no one carries magna parts anymore.


I may just bite the bullet and get a TM to eventually replace it when it needs to be retired.

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It's been a long time since I took good pictures of my Limcat and since I just added a few more finishing touches I thought that this would bea good time to take some new ones.


I was out shooting this the other day and without a doubt this out shoots any other gun that I have. On the 6m range I was able to group 10 shots in one ragged hole (and I could see through the optic that it was my fault that the group wasn't tighter since I wasn't perfectly still). At 20m I was able to hit a 8in x 8in target time after time without much effort. This guns makes me feel like I'm the weak link when it comes to shooting accurately. I really could not ask for more from a gun.


I consider this gun to be fully built. I know that I have a few stock parts left but I don't believe in spending money to replace things that are perfectly good to start with.


When this gun was last run on a chrono it was averaging 410 FPS over 10 shots at 70F with .2g BB's.












TM Hi-Capa 5.1

TM Custom Stippled and Painted Stock Grip


TK 3-Hole Trigger (Black)


AS Type 3 Hammer

AS Hammer Strut

AS Valve Knocker

AS Steel Sear


KM Stainless Guide Rod


Guarder Hi-Flow

Guarder 150% Recoil Spring

Guarder 150% Hammer Spring


SD Enhanced Loading Nozzle

SD Valve Blocker

SD Hot Shot Magwell (Custom Painted/Polished)

SD Mag Feed Lip

SD Limcat Slide (Two Tone)

SD Recoil Bushing (Silver)

SD Limcat Comp (Two Tone)

SD 'STI .38 Super' Comp Barrel

SD Type A Optic Mount

SD SHPD Stickers

SD Enhanced Piston Head

SD SHPD Extended Slide Catch


PDI 7" 6.01 (163mm)


9Ball Floating Valve Spring

9Ball Long Slim Slide Catch (Silver)

9Ball Thumb Safety (Silver)

9Ball Chamber Packing

9Ball Rubber Magazine Base(s) (not pictured)


ATN Ultra Reflex Sight


Chairsoft Custom Works Hammer Mod

Chairsoft Custom Works Disconnector Mod

Chairsoft Custom Works Trigger Tune


AP Cocking Handle

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I have been after a WA 6" Magna Hybrid for quite some time. I have owned a magna WA before but I ended up trading it for another gun when I found that it didn't shoot any better than my Hi-Capa's (people had raved about their performance and gotten me really excited). However, lately I have decided that it would be nice to have a Magna WA in my long term collection and I have always wanted a Hybrid 6". However, my first Hy6 deal fell through and thecleaner was nice enough to hook my up with this 6" Ltd as part of a trade deal. I actually have a Hy6 coming soon as well (long story) but I figure that I'll combine both the guns to make the best gun possible. I want to build up a really unique gun that I can keep in my collection for the long term.


This gun was built up from a 5" SVI so it wasn't always a 6" limited but I believe that it has pretty much the same parts.










WA 5" SVI (magna R)


WA 6" Ltd Parts


PGC 6" Infinity Slide

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I guess that when it rains 6" Magna WA's it pours. I really wanted a hybrid in the first place so when this one came up for sale I had to have it. I'm going to keep swapping parts around from both my 6" WA's until I have my dream gun. I'll make sure to take pictures along the way. If anyone knows what make the slide is let me know.












WA SVI Excellerator 6"


?? STI Eagle 6.0 Hyrbid Slide


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I'm a bit confused by your question. If you mean can you put a magna Hybrid upper on an magna Xcellerator lower the answer is yes. That's actually what is on the pictures.


However, if you are wondering about whether magna and non-magna uppers and lowers can be mixed then I'm not sure how to answer the question.


I have also swapped uppers between my two 6" magna's and that has worked fine as well.

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I picked up one of the new(ish) Tokyo Marui HiCapa 4.3 Xtremes the other day, and have just finished some light mods. More are coming, though are not installed yet. So far the list of mods is simply a slide and a tightbore, along with valves in the magazines. I have a steel outer barrel on the way, and am considering a different texture on the drip. I would love to pick up some tritium sights for it, but haven't made a decision on that yet.







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Just finished my meu's migration from 1911 to 2011, decided i needed something with a little extra gas capacity after all the parts ive put in it, and i definitely need a new slide, but am having trouble finding a cnc one for novaks that doesn't come with a frame i don't need.


anyway let me know what you think



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Just finished my meu's migration from 1911 to 2011, decided i needed something with a little extra gas capacity after all the parts ive put in it, and i definitely need a new slide, but am having trouble finding a cnc one for novaks that doesn't come with a frame i don't need.


anyway let me know what you think


absolutly love it! is exactly what im planning to do & i have run into the same problem you have in finding a slide without the body! great work bud! as good looking as a meu & twice as practical as a skirmish pistol!

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