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2011 Picture Thread

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Got in last weekend in a trade....this is the list the trader posted:


– SD aluminum slide

– SD nozzle + metal reed

– CP matched steel hammer/sear

– SD steel front sight

– G&G steel chamber

– CP barrel ball

– SD recoil/hammer springs

– SD steel outer barrel

– Steel recoil rod


I am sourcing stainless controls for it and I might change the frame and slide with something more custom in the future....;)

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Zombie member post...Nova Staccato XC RMR kit Never mind the mismatched branding grip....there was a dead gun that donated its parts to it....see build thread in the tech section lol

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My SV Infinity 5.1 of some sort. LOL. Frame & Slide is Airsoft Surgeon (apparently Clarence Lai left this set for himself, thus the CL18 serial, but somehow it found it's way to me.. don't ask). Guarder Stainless barrel, SD SV Grip, Nineball hardware (magcatch, slidelock, trigger, etc.), etc. etc, etc etc... LOL




EDIT: Oh yeah, and it's TM based.

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All Prog4....


Part list:


(1) Steel Slide polished


(2) Steel Compensator polished


(3) Steel Hybrid Barrel anoxide in gold


(4) Steel Upper Frame polished. Custom serial number FVB180222 on frame


(5) Steel Hammer like AR1446


(6) Steel Grip Safety (real steel) polished


(7) Steel Thumb Safety(real steel) polished


(8) Steel Guide Rod


(9) Steel Magazine Release Stop polished


(10) Aluminium Magwell 6061 polished silver


(11) Steel trigger SV type polished silver


(12) Steel front sight.



(14) Steel trigger stock like AR1320


(15) Steel slide stop AR1393


(16) Steel loading muzzle like AR1394


(17) High flow valve AR1397


(18) Magazine base pad AR1400


(19) Upper frame parts AR1402


(20) Piston AR1404


(21) Flowing valve AR1405


(22) Real steel plastic grip


(23) Steel 6.03 inner barrel (as long as the gun)


(24) Aluminium C more mount

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24 or 26 or something.....The kick is very nice on the Magna, but I don't like the trigger as much as the TM, it feels crisper and cleaner. It is nice though you can shoot sideway and upside down...lol. Not very powerful though(285-ish on .25s), and the TM G26 is more accurate, but for my first WA, I like it a lot...


I like the officer size gun, something you can't have on a TM(unless you go WE, and who wants that...lol)

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This thread needs some more love ;)


My second Hi-Capa (My wife inherited my first one), more humble than most here but it's smart and functional and I must say changing the hand grip was the best thing I ever did.


Sadly I attempted to fit the threaded outer barrel from evike:




The slide does not cycle fully and I suspect it is something to do with the locking ribs in the slide compared to the ribs on the outer barrel. Does anyone have an idea on how to get the barrel working?


Anyway sorry to the pistol:








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I'll rephrase my question since I can't find a red trigger: how difficult is it to install a trigger intended for a real 2011 on a Hi-capa? Magwells?



For red magwells.




And for cheap SHPD style.




From what I know, red triggers aren't cheap.

And at the moment, it's sold out everywhere from retailers.

They run for 60-80USD new.

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Hi guys,


I know it's not really the place to ask but I really need help. :( I picked up a TM 4.3 from here last week and it came with a lush Shooters design slide fitted.


Unfortunatly it's not fitted very well and sits about a mil forward of battery and rattles. Looks like the slide sits a mil or so to high as well. This is causing the mag not to feed unless pushed up into the mag well. Is there any way to fix this or will I have to keep using the plastic slide?


I don't mind it being a little forward I'd just like it to load!


It's fitted with an sd loading nozzel as well.





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Does anyone know a source for aluminum parts that are anodized red, for instance, magwell, trigger, etc, for the TM Hi-Capa?


Freedom art makes a red trigger for about 25 USD, though, it's not that great. I have one and it took me a while to get it not to wobble (Super glue :D)


Also, RATech sells red magwells.


Anyone know where to get stock TM Dual Stainless trigger? The SVI lookalike :P .

I really need one.


Already got you covered, bro hahaha.

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