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BE type 89 is out!

Revenge Seeker

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Looks nice,


I have the TM version, in answer to the question above about length, it's almost the same size as a M16, I find it a good size for woodland where I play.


Don't BE normally sell parts of their guns too, any idea if they will be selling the stock and foregrip on their own?

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I noticed it says "MECHANICAL" 3 round burst, wonder if more china guns wil come with it at a later point?


Considering it's a clone of the TM Type 89, which is the only type of gun to have a mechanical 3 round burst...I highly doubt it.

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A must have!


STANAG Magazines, 3rd mech. burst, Non-V2 Gearbox.


What's not to like?


Edit: Anyone know if it comes with the scope rail?


It uses a modified V2 gearbox, but everything is great! :) I would have one if I didn't already have the TM version, might get one anyway :)

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