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You should google map of Croatia, and then come back to take another look of this pattern. Suprise is guaranteed ;)


Sorry, I don't see edit button so I must reply on my previous post. I was on Symbian and away from my computer so I could not post this pictures before.


This is it, they used shape of country for digi pattern:





Some army material so you can see it in natural environment:


Chad, Africa









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tbh thats what the US should have used in the desert. is it hard to get ahold of ?


Almost impossible I'm afraid. Only active soldiers that go on missions get them (AFAIK that is Chad (ended), Afghanistan, Golan and maybe some observer missions).


There is one webshop who sells replica (material only)... just scroll down to see it, they even have new croatian woodland digital pattern http://www.aos-blaesius.de/camouflage-nof/...uflage-nof.html


But as you can see it's 100% polyester, and original is made by 50/50 cotton/nylon mix (rips)

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Akinne, in your first to pix showing troops in Chad, they look like they're wearing CIRAS in their Croatian desert camo plus G36. Could you confirm this?


Would be a nice mixture of european guns, american vest and croation camo. I like it.


Hi mate. You're right, vest is M404 Kroko version of US CIRAS L from Eagle Industries.



G36 is now in use, but in the future standard assault rifle will be HS VHS



This is thumb for the image: Croatian NATO soldier


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oh no VHS i thought every one was watching DVDs these days ha ha (sorry bad joke) :P That VHS look very similar to the FA-MAS, I must say the pics of the Croation desert digital are great, and the camo looks rather effective, shame its not easier to get a hold of it or a genuine set of it.



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Viki was wearing my old pantac LBE that i got from red wolf and i mounted my old ciras pouches on it when i put my bulle pouches on my ciras it also had the rear hip panel removed to accomodate he smaller waist. i sold it on ebay about a month ago.



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Myself at a larger game in Norway (approx. 150 attending) a few weeks back


really nice kit!



me last game 19.09.09

6 color Raid

Jungle Boots


Nomex Flight Gloves

LC2 Rig with LC3 Belt, LC2 Suspender, Buttpack, 2x Canteen, M12 Bianchi, SAW Pouch, LBT Utility Pouch (ALICE), Emdom 604 quad pistol pouch, First Aid Pouch









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