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AK & Variants Picture Thread

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Erm, maybe I phrased that question improperly!


What I was wanting to do is to attach a GP-30 launcher to an AK-47S when the stock is already folded up and locked in place with the butt end of the stock pressed up against the lower handguard.


Would it work?


Not possible.

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Hope these help:






I cannot remember who drew the last diagram, so appologies for not giving credit where it's due.




My problem is that the sling hook doesn't fit through my sling loop. At first I cursed cyma for making the sling loop too small, but its the same on my Ino, and I don't think that is a coincidence. Trying to fit in on a akm and a aims by the way.




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I know some of you want classic AKs...but I got mine when no one else will make a "More Modernized" AK. Though, I must admit, the AK needs some wood on it (and i'm thinking about ditching the rails for a Romanian vert grip




I'll get a better picture than this. I have found my Bamboo rail covers and removed the vert grip...looks so much better imo.

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A bit off topic here, but pertaining to Inokatsu, does anyone know where you can still get an Inokatsu AK-47 (Marui) wood kit that'll ship to the USA? I've looked everywhere I can think of and no place seems to have them in stock. Darn shame since as far as I know the Inokatsu wood kit is the only realistic AK-47 wood kit out there (I.E. plywood).

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