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Official Photography Thread?

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Okay, I'm not partcularly good. I just shoot stuff I like the look of. (scuse the quality, they are dragged from Facebook). If anyone can identify the countries they were taken in they get a cookie.













Unfortunately, and to my eternal chargrin this last one was the best picture I ever took and it didn't come out properly. Anyway to explain, the people you can see in the distance are running away (towards me), and that orange light in the distance is an exploding car outside the station. I am not sure if it was a failed carbomb or what.

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Uploading a few pictures i've taken during the years with my extremly *suitcasey* Olympus mju700.

NONE of my pictures are edited in any way, no cropping nor colour balance, i count that as cheating.




Most of the pictures are taken in Hälsingland (my county) but some are from Norway, Härnösand and Stockholm.


edit: oh, i will upload soem from France too

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Still, that's what i believe, at least when talking about digital photography.

Post-processing is equally important with digital and analog pics... Taking the picture is just half the job, no matter what camera you use. Stopping halfway intentionally (using in-camera settings, JPG instead of RAW) is not a virtue, but something else.




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my dad is a hobby photographer.... I have me a DSLR(Rebel XTi), but I am too lazy to post mine own on the interwebs, so these will suffice.... I need him to take some airsoft shots..... My dad has been through to many cameras(Canon original digital Rebel, 20D, 1D, 5D, D700, Lieca M8, etc) currently he switched from canon to nikon, so I get to use some of the Canon L glass he kept ^_^

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This is from last years BCS Bowl. I took shots at the Sugar Bowl this year, but i havent had time to mess with them yet.



This was with a 20D, i should get to upgrade to a MkIII after my dad gets the new 5D.

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