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Never tried the one rail has always been enough for me. That being said. Those are designed for thicker, ballistic helmets right? Might need to address the screw length. For my OPS Core harness I had to dremel new holes and shim the screws since they were meant for something a bit thicker than the PT Helmet.

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So I saw a really cool looking technique in the painted guns thread, and thought I would have a go on my helmet. I am pleased with the result, though I think when I get round to doing a gun in this manner there are a few things that I will do differently, but its all good experience and I am still happy with the helmet.


More photos in the links but here are two to look at:







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Here's my TMC Airframe,





TMC Airframe Shell

Ops Core H Nape

Crye Airframe Cover

Crye Airframe Rails

Asgaard Tactical Counetrweight Pouch

S&S IR Vlite

Ops Core VAS

Wilcox L4 Arm

Wilcox Bayonet Adaptor

Wilcox VAS Lanyard

Mini 14/MUM




In an alternate setup



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Cheers Frogfish.


The mount pictured above is a Resin mount. I drilled 2 holes in the back of it (where the top 2 of the 4 little screw holes on the real one are). Then I attached it to one of these http://www.ebairsoft.com/cover-mount-p-5023.html so when/if I choose to use the NV I can remove the resin mount quickly.and use the NV setup.


I do have a genuine ANVIS mount as well but that's mounted on my Gentex MICH "classic" style.


Pic from the front



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It was a complete mount, wire and connector included. The end of the wire which connects to the mount is only a heat shrink sleeve though which fits over the small wires from the mount..


I assume the lemo connector is genuine, cant tell the difference between it and the genuine one and it also fits my genuine LPBP connector.

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Got one of the Emerson Ops-Core FAST Carbon replicas, but the stock finish on the helmet left a little to be desired. So, I painted it to replicate the color of Ops-Core's DG2 Urban Tan. I think it came out pretty well.


WOW! That is gorgeous! Is that a custom mix or is there an out of the bottle/can paint for that?



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